Monday, June 30, 2008

i can feel it

this is gonna be a great week, i can just feel it.

the sun is shining, the birds are singing, the sky is blue, the garden is filled with strawberries and my cup of tea this morning is just right--the sugar and the milk somehow combined exactly perfectly with the temperature and it started me off exactly the right foot.

these are the things i have to do this week:
  1. find location in haunted castle for a brainstorming session with some creative people in late july/early august.
  2. play with Print Shop and try to put together a work-related newsletter.
  3. send a sympathy card to my aunt.
  4. go wander about with my diana+ and use some of that expired film.
  5. paint the købmandsdisk.
  6. go out for a very nice dinner with my husband.
  7. empty the neighbor's mailbox while she's on vacation in ireland.
  8. weed in my upper garden beds.
  9. tie the climbing roses to their new trellis.
  10. assemble new garden bench.
  11. cook something fabulous.
  12. get some exercise every day.
  13. get new kettle to replace old kettle which is starting to be dangerous (oh, let's face it, due to poor design, it's always been dangerous--steam burns, leaking onto the electrical bit at the bottom).
  14. do something creative every single day.
  15. photograph and LIST those etsy items!
  16. do the monthly blog printout.
  17. laundry (why does this never, ever end?)
  18. dishes (these too?)
  19. call the dentist.
  20. call the doctor about my strangely numb left pinky (which i fear is caused by the fabulous paper thin iMac keyboard).
  21. get me some new fonts here at the coolest (and free) font site i've ever seen!
  22. discover at least 5 new and interesting blogs. (i may already be done with this one.)
on this bright, sunny monday morning, anything and everything feels possible! part of what started my week so well, was this lovely posting over on rhayne.


hele said...

Thank you for sharing your sunny morning.

It brightened my winters evening with reflected joy.

polona said...

wow, this sounds like a busy but fun week. hope you enjoy whatever you undertake :)

Phyllis Hunt McGowan said...

I always enjoy your lists, whether they're t-do, or just ones of happiness.
19 and 20 are worrysome; 1 sounds fascinating.
7 makes me wistful.

julochka said...

hele--i'm happy to spread some cheer

polona--thank you for your kind wishes.

elementary--sorry to make you wistful for ireland. :-) as for 19-i've lost a bit of a filling and need to get it put back and 20-yes, it's a bit worrysome to say the least, but i'm having it checked out at 1:30 today.