Sunday, June 29, 2008

lazy sunday

it's very quiet around here this weekend since our pookalakka headed off to chicago. she arrived safely and is having a wonderful time, which is being documented here if you are interested.

it has left us actually wondering a bit what to do with ourselves, although there is always something to get on with in all of the various projects around the house and the garden. this morning, we went over to a flea market that we hadn't visited in awhile. we weren't looking for anything in particular and i took my camera along, in case there were any photo opportunities.

i found these pretty pastel colored teacups. i didn't buy any, but i did take a few pictures of their sorbet goodness.

what i did find was a true treasure! 24 rolls of expired--VERY EXPIRED (in 1990-91) 120 film! some of it is even slide film! 5 kr. per roll.  the guy surely thought he had found a real sucker in someone who actually wanted that film. and i thought he was pretty much a sucker to let it go so cheap!  my diana+ will be happy for a long time on this!! and it just might be time to acquire a holga!

when we drive across the upper midwest on our trips to the US, we always stop at the various antique malls along the way--they are a notch or two above the flea market level--generally things are well displayed and the treasures are not so few and far between as they can be in a flea market.

but there is something about flea markets. i do love to visit them, but there are times when i feel it gives me a mild depression. there is something a bit sad about so many cast-off things in one place. things that once meant something to someone, someone who is likely gone now. china, glassware, old furniture, moth-eaten fur coats. i have to be in the right mood to go in search of treasures in such a place. and of course, they can be found. and what is trash to one is treasure to another (my expired film as a case in point). 

hope you all had a lovely, lazy weekend as well.


beth said...

I love a good flea market...and it's always the pictures that make me sad. I collect old photos, especially the cabinet cards and I'm always amazed at how wonderful they are, but sad that they aren't being preserved in a family album on a coffee table somewhere.

Unknown said...

Those tea cups are amazing!

Phyllis Hunt McGowan said...

If it's clothing or household items, I try not to think about who owned it. If it's books, I like to imagine.
Strange, isn't it...
I feel the same though, and what makes me sad is that one day everything I hold dear- photos, papers I've saved- will end up at a flea market, long after I'm gone, and nobody will know who owned them. That worries me more.