Friday, June 20, 2008

the spirit is willing...

....oh, ok, i admit it, the spirit is also very weak. in theory i want to live more simply, not have so much stuff, not define myself so much by the stuff. i love the IDEA of that. however, i'm trying to put together a brand new kitchen here. like the kitchen of my dreams. and that involves stuff. pretty stuff. stuff like this:

hans j. wegner's classic "y" chair
i know, we already have 4, but we need 8
we're gonna have guests!

and this tom rossau lamp was just so gorgeous.
so i heard myself say, "give me two."

oh. and one of those, please.  in red, to match my retro smeg fridge.

and i do so adore a good café latté. 
and it has that retro feel to go with the...
yes, i believe i already mentioned the smeg fridge.

what is even more worrying is the high i get from such an expedition. the sheer elation that infuses my being when i acquire (or even just order) gorgeous, high quality kitchen and dining room items (disturbingly close to the happy feeling i had last week when i bought my iMac and brought it home and just gazed upon it, caressing it ever-so-lightly). it makes me SOOOoooo happy! like jump for joy, do cartwheels right there in the middle of shop (luckily i did not, as they have a lot of breakable things), engage in insane happy dance kind of pure happiness. i will appreciate these things in my new kitchen. we will use them every day. because they are good quality, they are an investment in sabin's future as well (ok, that smacks a little bit of self-justification, I GET THAT).

as soon as the house is done, we're totally on track towards a simpler life...i'm sure of it.


Leo Zelada said...

Muy interesante tu blog.

Un beso de un poeta en Madrid.

beth said...

ohhhh...your kitchen is going to be soooo beautiful !!!

and I must confess....I'm in love with your fridge.

d smith kaich jones said...

Oh my! While it's all beautiful, I am SO lusting after that lamp!
Goodness. Your food is gonna taste so much better, I'm sure of it - your happiness will just spill over into cake batters & coffee cups & meringues & chicken soups & sliced tomatoes on beautiful platters, and oh . . . I can just see it!

:) Debi

julochka said...

leo--muchos gracias. i'm sorry but that's as far as my spanish extends, other than assorted menu items. thank you for stopping by!

beth--i do hope it's going to be great and i too am in love with the fridge.

debi--thank you for supporting my retail therapy. :-) i hope you're right that everything will taste better. in fact, i'm crossing my fingers! :-)

Jaime said...

Wow...all this, wonderfully blended with your delicious posts on the food you prepare...makes me want to fly over for dinner!!

Delena said...

I too did not have a kitchen sink for a year. I had to load up my dishes and cart them over to the Rv and wash them in a tiny sink. I also sometimes just filled basins with water that I carried over from the outdoor bathroom. I used to tell my friends that my expectations were not that high, I just wanted a sink and a bathtub would be nice. Showering doesn't quite cut it for me. Now I have a sink and a bathtub and I too did a happy dance! Love your blog.

julochka said...

jaime--book for september. the weather is reliably good then and we should be done with it all by then.

delena--thank you for stopping by! it hasn't been a year yet on the kitchen sink, it was only about a month or 6 weeks or so, i think i would have simply laid down and died like an insulted sheep if it had been a year! the bathtub on the other hand--this house had only upstairs and downstairs showers when we moved in, so it's been 7 years without a bathtub! i always relish being in a hotel room as a result. we just put in a bathtub last week and it should be up and running in another week once all the tiling is completed. what's hard is living in the middle of the chaos of a rebuild. we should have moved out.