Friday, June 13, 2008

reflections at the close of the week

beauty, stillness, morning sunshine, paper thin petals

color, light, still air fragrant with the scent of green

vibrancy, life, profusion, rush of color

these are the things i'm thinking of this morning as i wander my garden with my camera in hand.  there is a jumble of thoughts in my head.  so many experiences this week.  it was a week of return to a place i loved, but which has changed--both in reality and for me. things don't stay the same. there is an impermanence in the world.  an impermanence to the world. flowers bloom in a blaze of luscious color, then fade and move to the next stage.  and this is as it should be.

i realized this week that i too have moved to the next stage.  and it happened in one visit.  it happened without my knowing it needed to.  there are times when we don't really know where we're going until we get there.  i am healed and whole again.  the tribulations of the job i left at the end of last year are really truly behind me now.  i am wholly able to see the good and the lessons learned and have let go of the exhaustion.  

sometimes it takes going back to be able to move on. that experience is part of me now, integrated into me, forming part of my whole.  and i am at peace with that at last.  now i am able to bloom and feel my own full vibrancy again.  and that feels wonderful.

happy weekend everyone!


Barb said...

Okay, just let my breath out after viewing these magnificent blooms ... poppies were breathtaking.

Although sometimes hard to accept,change is a good thing. It pushes us towards our full potential.

Bravo for you accepting this next stage in your life! B

hele said...

May the petals of your new experiences be as vibrantly pink yet as delicately crinkled as the beautiful flowers you shared with us.

polona said...

gosh, this was wonderful! gorgeous photos and beautiful words... i suppose you are right... we can't really move on until we have accepted what was.. if that makes sense

Jaime said...

You are just like the beautiful flowers in your garden...always growing, evolving, and glowing brilliantly.

julochka said...

barb--you're absolutely right, sometimes it does take a push for us to realize our full potential. not sure i'm there yet, but i feel i'm moving in the right direction.

hele--thank you for your kind words. i credit the flowers themselves. and the camera. :-) all i did was share them!

polona--you make perfect sense and that's what i was trying to get at!

jaime--i very much appreciate you saying that. that's actually a bit how i felt when i was writing the i was growing and evolving. you put it a bit more elegantly than i did. :-)