Thursday, June 26, 2008

play, sleep, color

"Language is one of the best data-compression mechanisms we have. The information contained in literature, or even email, encodes our identity as human beings. The entire literary canon may be smaller than what comes out of particle accelerators or models of the human brain, but the meaning coded into words can't be measured in bytes. It's deeply compressed. Twelve words from Voltaire can hold a lifetime of experience," says Martin Wattenberg in an article you can read on Wired

it's really interesting and has another one of those beautiful visualizations. apparently this is the week of the cool visualizations.

my post will be compressed today because we're off to the airport. i'm putting my 7-year-old on a plane to chicago, where she will be met by her aunt and a couple of hours later, i get on a plane to oslo. i wasn't nervous when i bought her ticket a month or so ago, but i'm pretty nervous now. she, on the other hand, isn't nervous at all, only excited. she announced this morning that it would be easy peasy to spend those 7.5-8 hours on the plane, she would simply "play, sleep, color" her way through it.

it could be a life philosophy we could all learn from.


Barb said...

Oh you are a brave mommy sending your 7 year old alone on this trip. I could not imagine my 8 year old grandson doing this ... he would drive the staff crazy.

Keep us posted on her trip and the fun she has with her aunt. B

Jaime said...

play sleep color

I'm with her on that one.

julochka said...

i didn't feel very brave turning her over to the nice flight attendant at the gate yesterday. i felt a little teary-eyed, to be honest, but sabin didn't feel that way at all, she was so excited and happy and couldn't wait to get on the plane!

she made it safely to chicago and was excited and happy to be there, despite saying that she didn't manage to sleep at all on the flight. so apparently all she did was play and color. :-)

we're definitely going to miss her at home, but are happy to have the webcam!