Thursday, June 19, 2008

fun, fun, fun!

this is a PG-5 print gocco machine

invitations to our housewarming party
printed on the gocco

now with inside printed they're drying in the window.
i adore these colors.

when i was in the philippines last month, i bought this wonderful little gocco printer from a very sweet woman named khristine whom i corresponded with online and who had her husband deliver the goodies to my hotel.  i had learned about the existence of gocco printers--a little japanese device made by riso--on etsy, that bastion of creativity to which i may or may not be addicted, depending on how you define addiction.  i prefer to call it inspiration. but i digress...

so i have finally gotten it out and figured out how to use it.  although i have not yet gotten too fancy--using multiple colors and such, i have learned how it works and i've made two prints--one for the front of my invitation and one for the inside.  i'm pretty pleased with myself, i must say.

for the front, i copied one of the architect's drawings of our addition, then i stamped bubbles where the house itself invites to the party.  on the inside, it's just straight text with the party details.  i'm going to make one more print--this time a fun one, for the inside cover.  i'm still working out exactly what that will be.

i'm so excited!  thank you, khristine, for going out of your way to get this little printer to me! it's so much fun to have a new kind of creative outlet!


d smith kaich jones said...

I swear I was just thinking about buying one of these! Just for FUN! I don't know where I saw it, but it was only a couple of weeks ago. I'm considering a sign!

:) Debi

d smith kaich jones said...

I meant that I consider this post a sign. Not that I'm considering a sign.


julochka said...

i realized what you mean. i'm curious as to where you found it? i haven't found any shops that seem to be selling it...not even in singapore, where i thought sure i would. they seem like a mail order thing. and there were a few on eBay. but, wherever you get it, it is fun, so do consider this a sign and go back and get it!!! :-) now, now, now!!

ok, deep breath...i'm a bit manic from a spot of retail therapy myself...just bought my daughter the smaller version of my new iMac.

Jaime said...

What an interesting little gadget.

Makes me wonder if you will have more parties now so that you can be creative with making more invitations!

Looks like fun. :)

Barb said...

The goggo printer - what an amazing little printer. I must see if I can find something like that ... looks like it could help me along with my scrapbooking.

julochka said...

barb--it would TOTALLY help you with scrapbooking, esp. if you would like to make journaling spots or something else that you would use over and over on your pages, because you can make multiple prints...i made 40 identical cards today. it's really fun!

they're apparently really popular in japan and have been since the 70s or so. the directions and the writing on the inks and things are all in japanese, which was a bit of a challenge for me (might not be for you! :-) ), but i did get a CD with it that i could print directions in an english version. and once you get the hang of it, it's really easy.

julochka said...

jaime--i think what will make us have more parties is simply having a place to have them again after it being torn apart for so long!!! but i do have a couple of fun ones in mind...a martini party for one and on another blog i recently read about a kitsch food party that sounded like a blast. i can't wait 'til it's done!!

hele said...

Oh, how beautiful your home and your life is. You have such a gift for making beautiful spaces.

As for books. Mine gets all mixed up. The only system I have is a bedroom bookcase where my favorite books as well as the books I am currently reading (my record is reading seven books all at once) resides and the shelves in the kitchen where my books share space with all other things that need to be shelved.

Your books looks super interesting. I would love to meet them face to face.

julochka said...

hele--you are most welcome to come and visit my books. as soon as the kitchen is finished. :-) you just have to promise to bring a chardonnay sur lie from delheim with you. ;-)