Monday, June 16, 2008

it's a london monday

every morning when i make my tea, i try to decide what kind of a day it will be and i choose my mug accordingly.  is it a manila morning?  a singapore morning?  perhaps seattle?  or vancouver?  often it's a chicago morning, since i lived there for a couple of years, i have a soft spot for that mug.  this morning, it felt like a london monday.

or at least i want it to be a london monday.  london is bustling with people who appear to have somewhere to be.  it's extremely multicultural.  it seems creative and vibrant if you look around you at the diversity of architecture.  it's fairly humming with activity.  people are getting things done, that's clear.  on top of it, you can get an excellent curry.  

this is how i want my day (and my week for that matter) to go...i want to move with purpose from one task to the next, really getting things done, fairly plowing through my to do list:
  1. questionnaire for LNG World Shipping
  2. finish up workshop article
  3. human element forum plans
  4. human element forum timeline
  5. emails
  6. invoicing
  7. run errands
  8. presents for Owen & Finn
  9. start packing Sabin's suitcase
  10. dishes
  11. finish laundry
  12. hang shelves
  13. tidy up bedroom
  14. invitations to summer party
  15. post office
  16. rental car
  17. photograph earrings
  18. post earrings on etsy
  19. plane tickets to oslo for next week
  20. business lunches (wednesday & thursday)
so you can see, i need it to be not only a london monday, but a london week.  i'd better start with a shower...


Barb said...

I feel absolutely breathless reading your to do list.

And tell me that your work area always looks sooooo - can't think of word, it just looks kaotically organized, is that possible?? B

julochka said...

hi barb--chaotically organized, that's a very nice way of putting it! you're probably too polite!! it was much worse before i got the new computer and had to move everything.

of course, with such a long list to do, i procrastinated and have spent over an hour organizing and straightening. typical. but maybe it takes that occasionally--uncluttering the mind along with the space. it seems to have worked, i've breezed through about half of the list already!

Barb said...

Hi Julie, I hope you didn't take offense to my remark, I just love how your tabletop looks ... like it is loved and used. My kind of room. Barb

julochka said...

i definitely did NOT take offense. :-)

d smith kaich jones said...

Aren't lists just the most wonderful things EVER? If I made a list of wonderful things, I'd have to list lists. That's how wonderful they are.


julochka said...

i'm with you...i don't know what i'd do without lists. my dad once teased me that he thought it was a shame there was no way to major in list-making when i was having trouble choosing a major. :-) i surely would have done so if i could have. i'd hate to think how disorganized i'd be without them!