Tuesday, December 09, 2008

i'm all about the direct positive

tangobaby made me download a trial copy of lightroom 2 (i apparently have no will of my own and am generally weak in the face of gadgetry and pretty software). so today i finally really played with it.

it's heavenly.

and so are my MOO cards, shown here after a little direct positive treatment.

so heavenly that i ordered 3 new sets today for different purposes. because i'm a girl with a lot of purposes, why do you ask?

and here's what you can do with lightroom 2...


there was a time when this would have made me perfectly happy
but then i found out about antique light:

and cold tone:

imagine what will happen when i start making my own presets...

but first, i'm off to oslo.

* * *

but speaking of directly positive, get yourself over to borneochica's blog and read her post about how she's going to gather books and donate them to teachers in chicago. i sent a box of them her way yesterday. if i can do it, so can you, mine have to cross an ocean and all. :-) she called me a rock star when i did it. you too can be a rock star, i'm sure. 


tangobaby said...

heh heh heh. I love bending people to my will.

I cannot WAIT until you start downloading the free presets. I am going to send you links, many links.

Come to me....

ps. I really like that Antique Light with the inkwell. Good choice.

tangobaby said...

I got so excited I forgot to read about the books and how you're a rock star. Now I have to go check that out. ;-)

Amanda said...

I love the photos, you're a wizard!
Also, I am shipping my books too. Thanks for introducing me to her!