Tuesday, December 30, 2008

reading dangerously in 2009

i'm participating in the estella's revenge 2009 year of reading dangerously. i haven't actually decided which dangerous books to read yet and since i've now had a headache for 24 hours straight, it won't be now that i decide my definitive list, but a couple of those zizek that are languishing on my shelf come to mind, as well as christopher hitchens' god is not great, which i bought awhile ago and haven't yet read.  

there is a great list over on the year of reading dangerously site and perhaps i will pick a few from it as well. but, for now, thinking just hurts too much. man, i hope this headache goes away before it's time to go to that new year's party tomorrow night. especially since i'm making the beef wellington main course.

if any of you have any great suggestions for dangerous reads, do let me know, as i need one dangerous read a month for the next 12 months!


tangobaby said...

What makes a book dangerous anyway? I would think it's more dangerous NOT to read a book.

I'm still reading The God Delusion and the only time I felt a little dangerous was when I walked into the Jewish Community Center with it under my arm (not on purpose). I forgot I had it with me.

But then mostly I felt like I was being rude so I stuck the book in my purse after a few people stared at me.

Don't they have Excedrin Migraine in Denmark? That stuff is like a effing miracle drug. I take it for everything. I wish FedEx was faster...I'd mail you a bottle.

Feel better!

Dev said...

That sucks you aren't feeling good :( Headaches like that are the worst! I hope it was only for the 24 hours and is now working it's way out of your head.

I looked at Estella's list and I'm not sure what makes them dangerous; I've read some of the ones she's got on there and never felt like I was doing something dangerous, so now I feel like I have missed out ;) But I thought I would suggest one not on there if you haven't read it. It's The Lovely Bones by Alice Sebold. The only thing I find dangerous is that when I read it, I would get so enthralled that I couldn't put it down. It was like literary crack to me. Hope you feel better soon!! And Happy New Year!!

d smith kaich jones said...

I'm with Dru & Tango here - not sure what defines a book as dangerous, although it sounds like it's whatever feels dangerous to you. Is that right?

Hope you're feeling better by tomorrow night - if not, don't cook. Let them eat cake.

:) Debi

Andi said...

Just to address what we mean by dangerous: banned/challenged books, books/authors that scare people, classics), books in genres often considered out of people's "norm" (graphic novels, childrens/adolescent). While none of them would be dangerous to some, all of them may be dangerous to others.

One of my personal dangers: Russian novels. They kill me.

Glad you're playing along with us this year, Julie!

Relyn Lawson said...

Oooo. I am sorry about your endless headache, but very excited to hear about The Year of Reading Dangerously. I must rush away and check it out. Hope you are feeling better - soon.

Jamie Ridler said...

Wreck this Journal would totally qualify as a dangerous book. I'm glad you'll be joining us on the journey.