Wednesday, December 03, 2008

laughter really is the best medicine

this morning, husband and i watched BBC World over a cup of tea. there must not be that much newsworthy going on in the world because they had a long piece on the queen's opening of parliament speech (which i think happens later today or tomorrow). they talked about the traditions and the myths and in general the whys and wherefores of the whole ceremony. but the most hilarious tradition is that they actually hold an MP hostage at buckingham palace during the speech in order to ensure the safe return of the monarch. for some reason that struck me as very, very funny and i laughed and laughed and it seemed to go a long ways towards dispelling my case of SAD, which could well have simply continued due to the fact that it's again dark, grey and there's not even a hint of sunshine in the sky. it seems that laughter is indeed the best medicine.

and now i am preparing to go into the big city of copenhagen for the day. i have my second interview at 1 p.m. and i'm going to do a bit of antiquing before that. we're on the lookout for a fireplace set--one of those little sets with a broom, a poker and whatever the other thing is (aren't there usually 3 things)..a little shovel, perhaps? i want an antique one, rather than an over-designed brushed steel typical modern one. there must be some around in the antique stores because at one time every apartment in copenhagen had at least one wood-burning stove in it. funny how having a mission also chases SAD away.

the fact that sabin went to school dressed like this this morning also helped:

i fear she's going to insist on wearing that nisse costume every day for the rest of the month. i'll have to sneak in a wash when she takes it off at night. because she won't try to sleep in it, will she?

thanks for all of the good advice yesterday on fighting off SAD, i'll definitely bake something soon and will try to get out there in that rainy weather and get some exercise. as the danes say, there's no bad weather, just being badly dressed for the weather. so it's a matter of having the right waterproof gear on if you want some fresh air.


Gwen said...

That costume is genius! I think I want one.

So do they pick a very important MP to hold hostage or one who is not very well-liked? That is a funny tradition.

Glad you're feeling better and good luck (late, probably, considering the time change) on your interview.

Molly said...

It really REALLY is! And the Poms are pretty good at giving one something to laugh about.
Glad you got a giggle to beat the SAD blues, I know how low I start to feel at the beginning of winter, which is not even vaguely comparable, so I can't imagine... no word for sun!!!?!
Hope the antiquing and interview went well?
Keep laughing!
(My word thingie: impoli - latin for the poor shmuck who languishes in the dungeons of Windsor Castle missing all the pomp of the opening of parliament?)

tangobaby said...

SABIN! I love you! Promise your mommy's friends that you will wear that outfit EVERY DAY because you are soooooo cute in it!