Wednesday, December 03, 2008

on interviews and antiques and other random thoughts

maybe because i am myself now an antique of sorts, it feels entirely different to go to an interview today than it was when i got a part-time job at a gannett paper during college. i've just got so much more experience now. and a network that means something. i just speak about myself and my experience in an entirely different way. with authority, even. after all these years of feeling i was faking it (they actually taught us how to do that at the U of C), i actually know what i'm talking about now. that said, i feel really good about the interview, even if i don't get the job, it was a good conversation that gave me a lot of much-needed energy.

and afterward, i hit all the antique stores on ravnsborggade in nørrebro, which was wonderful and just what i needed to clear out yesterday's case of SAD. i never did ask the price of the old ship above, but we know how much i love ships, so i'm going to print out this picture and place it around the house with the address of the shop where i saw it, as a hint to husband. although we agreed not to do christmas presents, maybe he could make an exception since it's effectively recycling and doesn't represent the manufacture of new goods, which should fit nicely with his inner thomas friedman.

* * *
a couple of notes regarding the danish news...lots of fuss over the death of jørn utzon, danish architect most famous for the sydney opera house. i find the fuss a bit much since he was never really accepted in denmark, which was why he had to go to sydney. it's always the way that when someone does well, they're suddenly accepted and loved and claimed by their homeland.

the other news of note in denmark is the collapse of something called IT Factory in a huge swindle by its director, who has absconded with 500 million danish kroner ($90 million USD) and disappeared without a trace. they've actually got interpol on the case. who knew they were real? there is much whining and expression of surprise, especially by the banks and investors who were involved, but i find it difficult to feel sorry for any of them. there are just so many people out there doing so many dodgy things these days, who can keep track?

and one more thing...on monday, the front page headline of berlingske, which is denmark's answer to the NYT, concerned the fact that danish actors have started to use agents. yes, i realize it's a small market and that perhaps it's business news that they weren't really using agents before, but seriously, is that worthy of the front page? aren't there people darfur being slaughtered or starved or something?

* * *

and i leave you with a teaser...tomorrow, i'm going to have a meeting with two of my favorite people. they also happen to be two of the most creative people that i know. and hilarious. one of them was accused by three children in first class on a gulf air flight last year of being mr. bean, so that should give you some idea of the level of funny here. more stories about them tomorrow.

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tangobaby said...

As much as I admire Thomas Friedman, he is just scaring the poo out of me lately. (Although I know he is brilliant and I have to pay attention to what he's saying.)

Instead of having an inner Mr. Friedman, maybe your hubby can have an inner Mr. Bean. Now there's a thought!

Have fun tommorow!