Tuesday, December 30, 2008

still here

...have just had a bit of a relapse on the christmas illness. back for real when this monster headache subsides.  in the meantime, keep the light on for me...


Barb said...

Sorry for your headache. Let's be headache buddies. I have a killer tension one that is reasonating down through my neck, so can't turn my head. Rub on a little lavender essential oil. Doesn't kill the headache but it sure is relaxing.

BTW my word today is "billied". I think that perfectly describes how I'm feeling - very billied.

Take care & Happy New Year. Love Barb xo

tangobaby said...

Awww, honey. It was that rebound trip to Ikea, I know it. Not even those meatballs could have helped you.

Feel better soon. It's lonely out here without you.


Sebrina Wilson said...

Sorry to hear you are not well.