Sunday, December 14, 2008

random things on my mind

although it feels sometimes like every stray thought that goes through my head comes out my fingers and onto this blog, there is actually a lot going on that never makes it here. because it's really quite impossible to cover every aspect of a life lived.


for instance, although i read all the time, i don't always share what i'm reading (tho' you can always tell when it's murakami). this morning, i just finished paul theroux's great railway bazaar. i had read of it many times, but hadn't ever read it. it's THE classic travel lit, written in 1973. the reason i bought it is that i've recently read a bunch of reviews of his new version of that same journey--ghost train to the eastern star. i ordered both from amazon not long ago because i didn't want to read the new one without having read the old. i'm already a chapter in and having many thoughts on this one that i will be sharing in the days ahead.


another thing i don't know if you know is that i am big fan of alanis morissette. i go back to her music again and again--it lifts me up when i need my spirits lifted and it lets me wallow in despair when that's what i want (sometimes one and the same song can do that--she's that good). she gives me strength, she's deep, she's silly, she makes so much sense and yet makes no sense at all--all at one and the same time. her music is my coping mechanism. it grounds me.


for years and years, i always played the refreshments' down together every time the plane was taking off. here in a homemade concert recording:

it always amused me to play a song with the refrain, "let's go down together," when the plane was taking off. these days i don't do it because they're a bit more hyper about not having any electronic devices on during take-off and landing. otherwise, i probably still would.


it bugs the hell out of me when people talk about molecular gastronomy. that's one of those trendy phrases made up by lifestyle editors and restaurant critics. all cooking is molecular, people--it's chemistry when you combine things and heat them up.


note to danish chefs: foam, except in a latte or a cappucino is SO OVER, so please stop serving me foamy sauces and soups.

and on that note, i'll quit..i wouldn't want to share everything that's going through my mind...


Tara Thayer said...

Perhaps the best blog entry yet...I will forever think about and rethink the idea that there is too much in "a life lived" to be summed up online, or in any other way, come to think of it.
Love the stream of conciousness...random, but really quite relevant.
Do our brains rest, even when sleeping? (No!)

Amanda said...

Jules - this is why I love you and your blog. I love your random thoughts. I also need to know your book reads, I am always looking for the next thing on my list. I have written these down for my next trip to the library!

Relyn Lawson said...

I love this idea. I think soon I may swipe your idea. Hope you don't mind. Thanks for the inspiration.