Tuesday, December 09, 2008

balderdash (is what she writes when she's got nothin' else)

it seems that not only are the verification words more word-like, they're getting more poetic as well. my definitions, however, not so much.

catmodea - small matted furballs left around the house by the cat after she grooms herself.

sliftemi - the taste left in your mouth after licking an envelope or a stamp.

unbrines - the last little sad pickles left in the jar and pushed to the back of the refrigerator, only to eventually be thrown out.

secueds - linguistic term for mild versions of swear words adapted from ones that had a religious origin. e.g. "cheese and rice" instead of "jesus christ" and "oh my goodness" instead of "oh my god."

keddlip - that sad little quivering lip sported by disappointed children. from the danish root "ked af det" (to be sad about something).

complue - low-level administrator who unwittingly helps a shady businessman commit his white collar crimes. not important enough to be an accomplice.

ementar - the weepy, slightly thick moisture that collects in the plastic on cheese that's been in the fridge for too long.

sphectum - an instrument for measuring quantities of phlegm. (not that i know why anyone would want to do that).

matracc - to become entangled in office politics.

pernies - people who take home food from a buffet.

wigimper - one who repairs wigs.

pholoof - an expression of relief to still be alive upon completion of a marathon or triathlon. (as if i'd know.)

dribloa - a pitcher that doesn't quite pour right, but always dribbles on the tablecloth.

crilec - a person with a chronic injury caused by excessive use of a hand-held electronic device. as in: "she used her iPhone constantly and now she's a total crilec."

cheedi - young people gathered on a quiet residential street smoking and setting off firecrackers when they should be in school. i was lucky enough to get a photo of some cheedi yesterday:

just far too many hairballs and stuff lurking in the back of the refrigerator to be poetic this time.


Tara Thayer said...

Julie, you are truly an artist. I think this is a skill you might be able to parlay (?) into a career. You should give us all homework-put three of these into sentences for tomorrow.
I'd do it, but I need to pour a cup of tea from my dribloa first.
Cheers! Tara

Anonymous said...

I liked this a lot, actually! LOL!

Gwen said...

I do like it when I can pronounce the word verifications--makes it easier for me to spell them. And man, those cheedi look hard core. Good thing we don't have any of those yoots around here, no sirree.

julochka said...

glad you guys like them...i always get so stuck by the end that none of them seem funny to me anymore by the time i'm done. i noticed that i used "left" in the first three--how lame! and that window i took that picture through was pretty dirty. geez, that's embarrassing.

tangobaby said...

I think we have a sphectum at home somewhere.

When are you going to start your dictionary already? My god, if Samuel Johnson could write one, surely you can. Do it soon before someone steals your idea.

I'm learning so many new words from you, it's crazy. And you could publish your book on BLURB! See, it's all worked out now!

Barb said...

Okay, now that I have stopped laughing and can see again, I have to say - you have the best imagination ever. I think I just might copy all of these into a document just for my own enjoyment.

I love pholoof. My hubby is training for a triathalon. I'll have to lend him that word so he spit it out when he crosses the finish line.

Wonderful! Barb

Molly said...

unbrines are my favourite snack ever! thanks j!

Magpie said...

On the other hand, I got "proust" as the verification word recently.