Wednesday, December 10, 2008

wistful winding down

it's my second to last time this year in a hotel room in oslo. although i'm a little tired of these generic, uninteresting hotel rooms and the limited range of channels on t.v., i am feeling a little wistful about it. it's been a great year. it's been a fun job, a privileged situation to work from home so much and to travel to places i love and best of all, i've worked with great people who always welcome me when i come up, even when i'm feeling a little uncomfortable about coming up after not being here for a few weeks. they have never, ever made me feel that way. just super people.  although there is a very good chance i will still be working up here in 2009, it will be with a different department, so i feel a bit wistful about not working together with this group. it feels like a chapter is ending.

another of the things i will miss at least for a few weeks (since i'm not starting with the new group until sometime in january (still being worked out exactly when)) is the posh mall food at the food garage in sandvika storcenter. especially their posh pizzas and refreshing fruit drinks in unusual flavors (had rhubarb/vanilla today):

at the same time as feeling a bit wistful and even slightly nostalgic (which could at any moment slip over into sentimentality and i hate sentimentality), i'm pretty excited about the opportunity next year. i had a long conversation about it today and will again at the end of next week. and it's exciting and pretty much the ideal job for me. it involves a publication. and the web. and travel. and a fabulous camera (nikon D300 anyone?). and lots of pretty ships. and so my mind already well into next year and the first issue. i've got themes in mind for the whole year. and it feels pretty exciting and a little decadent in the face of global economic crisis and downsizing, to feel so engaged in a new job before i've even begun. and another chapter begins. or at least looks like it's going to in the new year.

* * *
but on a lighter note, in the vein of WTF wednesday: what on earth was rod blagojevich thinking? who does the man think he is, tony soprano?


Molly said...

Wow. The job sounds totally rad. (Ok, I'm sorry, used that one on purpose 'cos I know how you feel about it...). No really, it sounds wildly stimulating and exciting and I'm so impressed with your brain that you've already thought about your first few issues (a definite clue methinks...).
And omg I'm jealous of that pizza!
And also, I totally think the blog idea rocks - shall we do it?
(Berjec - the small, polite, but very garlicky burp produced by an exceptional pizza)

Gwen said...

I feel this must be said: even though I live in Illinois and am a liberal, I have never NEVER liked Blago. I don't even care that much that he's corrupt. It's that he can't get the job done. Dumbass.

Last time my husband was in Oslo, every time we talked, I kept asking him if it was dark. B/c I imagine it's dark all the time there. He was not as amused by those conversations as I was, sadly.

So: is it dark there?