Wednesday, December 31, 2008

tripping headlong into 2009

me and my headache are still together. it seems we're inseparable. i've given it countless ibuprofen--including the good liquidy-inside green advil kind and more excedrin, with the high grade caffeine in them than i can count, but still it refuses to leave me. and i can't laugh at all, because every time i do, it causes a major coughing fit, which only exacerbates the headache. i'll be happy when this flu is over. poor husband has it now too and is at the stage where he leaves drifts of used kleenex in his wake. he has about another week to look forward to. he will definitely not be taking his usual new year's dip into bursesø (seen below in more summery times) this evening.

we would have stayed home this evening, but since we are responsible for both the main course (beef wellington, on which i cheated and used store-bought pate instead of making my own due to the headache) and the dessert (i made another of those gorgeous, delicious jule logs), we are dragging ourselves to the party. and it's not really fair to sabin, who is well and chipper and looking forward to spending the evening with her best friend andreas, so we're going. it is our best friends and they've been warned we're a bit under the weather, so i'm sure it will be a good evening despite our being sick.

watching sabin, i realized that i want to face 2009 more like she faces life. she doesn't wait for anything. she jumps headlong into everything she does. we gave her a number of different games for christmas and she just gets them out and sets them up and wants to play immediately. no waiting for the time to be right. she wants to play right away, right in the middle of everything. it's a wonderful way to look at the world, if you think about it. to just BE in it all the time, not looking forward or looking back, but looking at and enjoying right here and now. that's how i want to live in 2009. fully and truly in every moment that life brings. just as soon as i get rid of this headache...

happy new year everyone, i look forward to experiencing 2009 together with all of you!


tangobaby said...

What a beautiful little role model you have right in front of you, everyday. Now I want to be like Sabin, too.

Sweet Julochka, you were one of the gifts that 2008 brought to me, so get well soon so we can play even more in 2009!

Gigantic hugs being sent from San Francisco RIGHT NOW!

Anonymous said...

That's a great resolution. I'm adding it to my list. I am so happy to have found your blog this year--you are a gift.

Sebrina Wilson said...

Happy New Year!!!!!!!

Meri said...

Ah yes -- being, enjoying, responding to every moment with openness. And if everyone lived this way, with open hearts, there would be peace on earth.