Saturday, December 06, 2008

rumors and randomness

i love the huffington post, they have the coolest rumors out there. like this:

caroline kennedy could potentially take hillary clinton's senate post.

and the fact that oprah is strenuously claiming she's not angling for a white house appointment surely means she is.  what will she be?

and tho' not really rumor, have you read the latest bob cesca column?

photographic evidence that the 90s are back. (that's a relief for me because i never really left them.)

and last but not least, hot pix of our coming president.

* * *
do you think that the people on CSI obsessively use flashlights because they're always wearing sunglasses?

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tangobaby said...

I never got into grunge the first time. Did you know that the baby on the Nirvana Nevermind cover just turned 17?

No to Oprah. I mean, she's cool and all with the book club and all that, but she needs to stay on the telly.

But Bob Cesca is awesome. I used to be all over Cintra Wilson but this guy is super duper funny/smart/etc. I wonder if he's cute?