Sunday, December 21, 2008

winter solstice

today is the day that the tide turns and we move away from the oppressive darkness back towards the light time. we had a little ceremony, lighting a candle next to hyacinths and our odin's eyeballs in order to help us look forward towards spring. in a way, winter solstice is like the beginning of a brand new year. how did you spend yours?


hele said...

I sniffed the grass and felt the sun on my cheeks and wondered what I should be celebrating on the summer solstice.

heidikins said...

Happy Solstice!


tangobaby said...

I ate a lot of dim sum and then went to see the YSL exhibit at the museum and then fell asleep on the sofa. You know, those normal Solstice activities!

Hope you had a great time.

d smith kaich jones said...

Sleeping like a baby. My first afternoon nap in months.

:) Debi

Will said...

Played ball with the dog. Had lunch at Kid Valley in Kenmore. Went to Snap Doodle. Cut lower limbs on tree before cutting down tree. Prepped a room for new Anderson window. Changed a few computer passwords. Finished reading a book. Found a 5 dollar bill while walking dog. Had a bowl of Chocolate Velvet (a non-dairy frozen dessert). That's more or less it.