Wednesday, December 17, 2008

observing right now

  1. the day is grey.
  2. burned hair smells really bad.
  3. the smell of burned hair lingers on and on.
  4. listening to röyksöpp.
  5. i'm pondering a gocco print and it's going to come out of my head and onto the paper soon.
  6. the room is warm.
  7. flickering candlelight.
  8. sent my book from new zealand (who is doing the logistics on that?)
  9. there are pictures to be hung.
  10. cameras make me happy.

note to self: remember where the candles are when you are caught up in taking photos.


Gwen said...

Burned hair always makes me think of Little Women, when Meg went to the ball and ironed her hair. Hopefully you didn't let Marmie down like Jo and Meg did.

tangobaby said...

So No. 2 and No. 7 are connected in some way? Or your using your new flat iron?

Be careful, honey. You have a nice head that has a very smart brain in it. Don't set it on fire.

This photo is a riot of color. My rods and cones are going nuts.

tangobaby said...

See, I got so excited about the photo that I didn't read the last line.

Maybe Sabin needs to keep an eye on Mommy around open flames.

enchantedartist said...

I love all the colour in this looks so fun and joyous...and I must confess I too, have done the burnt hair on the candle thing when taking photos...not pleasant! :)

Jaime said...

Cameras make me happy too.


Relyn Lawson said...

One time I was serving cake at a wedding when the groom bent over to get his piece and caught his big ole' 80s poof of a hair-do on fire. I stood their speechless and finally started smacking at his head. A friend realized what was happening, dashed across the room, and dumped a cup of punch on his head. Red punch. On his all white 80s tux.

Burned hair smells really bad.