Tuesday, December 23, 2008

snot-induced randomness

picture unrelated to this post and strictly for the purpose of cheering me up.

i cannot believe it, but i have my second pesky cold of the winter season. and the danes think it's one day before christmas, tho' i know it's really two. i should be downstairs baking cookies, but i had a fight with my spritz cookie press, which is actually so old (it was my grandmother's) that it's spelled "cooky" on the side of it. if i weren't dying, i'd go take a picture of that to show you. however, i'm laying in bed, under the covers, covered in a veritable snowfall of used kleenexes with an apron on (couldn't be bothered to take it off). i want my mommy.

but she's not here and she's not online. so instead, i share a list of utter randomness with all of you...

  1. i have a little plastic captain picard figure by my big computer. 
  2. i keep getting twinges of panic as i know the hour that the stores close approaches. that really bugs me and makes me more than ever want to get off this mad consumer christmas train.
  3. the cat is snoring somewhere in this room.
  4. i have a cousin who gave himself a vasectomy using lidocaine and a well-placed mirror (or so we all imagine).
  5. i am a danger to myself when cutting things in the kitchen (i think we already knew this, but i just saw my bandaid and was reminded).
  6. i would like there to be more evidence that the light is going in the right direction now, but it's 4:42 and dark as dark can be outside.
  7. my sister-in-law was here on sunday and several times out of the corner of my eye i saw her lifting up things to look at the labels on the bottom of them. what the hell was that?
  8. i am really happy that we will have christmas, just the three of us, tomorrow and then with my husband's older daughters and our best friends on real christmas day.
  9. i'm going to make a duck for the first time in my life (it's organic and french, that will make it good, right?)
  10. the danes call today "lille juleaften." little christmas eve. isn't that cute? 
  11. i'm hungry for oyster stew, which my mom always makes on christmas eve, but couldn't find any oysters today and didn't want to venture farther afield what with the aches and chills and mountains of snot.
  12. i bought some bright green pesto gouda because it looked festive.
as you can see, i didn't have much today...i'm going to go try to get well now.  i wish you a merry merry and a happy happy, whatever and however you celebrate.


Tara Thayer said...

I hope you get better soon, Julie, if only so you can stop using the word "snot" in your posts! The danes really know how to do Christmas, huh? Is it driving you a little nutty, yet? My former mother in law used to serve oyster stew on Christmas eve, too, and though I miss her very much, I have to say, not the stew. It sounds like I'm being so negative, (Yikes!) but trust me, I'm laughing! Maybe your s-i-l just wanted to know where you shop-imitation is the sincerest form...you know the rest. Take care!

julochka said...

believe me. i too wish i could stop using the word "snot, " should i be more clinical? phlegm? isn't that worse?

tangobaby said...

Not to sound like your mom, but maybe you pushed yourself too hard and that's why you had a little ol' relapse? Anyway, you can also use the word mucus. And boogers.

Even though you are not quite a picture of health yet, I am glad to see that this cold bug has not sapped your mind and sense of humor. Just stay away from knives.

ps. I also love the spelling of the word "cooky." And isn't Spritz dough better when it's chilled and then you can use the press easier? Don't ask me, I just think I heard that bandied about.

Feel better soon!


Molly said...

I'm SO sorry you're feeling crappy on Christmas!
And as you know, I'm all about using the word 'snot' whenever appropriate. Or inappropriate for that matter....
Really hope you're feeling better soon - and/or have a merry Christmas besides!

Delena said...

Drink lots of orange juice and try to relax, ha! ha! not likely in the "silly season"! Hope you get better soon and Merry Xmas to you and your family.