Wednesday, January 26, 2011

happy memories: rearranged design house tour

upstairs living room

some time back, the lovely ana from rearranged design approached me on flickr about featuring our house. of course, the pictures she'd come across on flickr were of our old house. as you know, there's not much worth featuring in this place, unless your site is called "decorating disasters by cheap-ass people" (hmm, that has kind of a ring to it). so for the sake of a stroll down memory lane and because i'm really proud of what we did there, i explained our move to her and she agreed to go ahead and do the house tour featuring the old place. i added a link to my post yesterday, but that doesn't do ana's nice feature justice, so i'm giving it its own space today.

please go and check out our house tour over on rearranged design. and do stay to look around a bit - ana has a good eye for lovely things.


Lisa-Marie said...

oh julie, it is utterly gorgeous (of course I knew that, but still).

I so, so long to have a proper house of my own that I can make my own. I am sick of cream coloured walls!

Sandra said...

Loved the tour. Your home was vey inviting and I know you will make the new place even better.

nacherluver said...

"decorating disasters by cheap-ass people"
Holy Crow! You had me literally laughing out loud at this expression. I would totally read a site with that title! It would be amusing and also (perhaps) make me feel better about my own house!!! ha ha ha ha

Heading over through the link now. Thanks for the smile this morning. You have no clue how much I needed that!!!!

Laura Doyle said...

I really enjoyed that little tour. I you miss your old house? It was so uniquely you and beautiful!

Lisa at lil fish studios said...

Love that chair. Are those leather arms? Off to check out the tour.

Liz Fulcher, The Fragrant Muse said...

I miss your old house. Is that weird considering I've never been there?