Friday, January 14, 2011

intersections 1: copenhagen meets tehran

since shokoofeh shared the album of our film swap pictures with me on picasa, i have poured over it again and again. on first viewing, i felt that only a few of the shots had turned out. some are aligned and some split frames. the one i was most hopeful would turn out - a shot of a bus in copenhagen where it was spelled cOPENhagen was a split frame and not as good as i had hoped. i was initially fixated on the technicalities - should i really have doubled my ISO to 800 when i took the intial shots here in denmark? what could we have done to align? should we have left well enough alone on the cross-processing? but then, i looked again, and the technicalities melted away and suddenly the magic jumped out at me.

~ a parted curtain in tehran opening onto a copenhagen street.

~ a chocolate cupcake on the ghost of a bicycle

~ another ghost of a bicycle viewed through a magical white curtain

~ a peaceful afternoon coffee scene on a graffiti-covered window

~ a cup of colorful pens and pencils juxtaposed on that copenhagen bus. 

the magic was there. all of my hopes and expectations were there after all. all of the layers of meaning. the surprises. the beauty. quietly profound. calm and zenlike.

for more, please visit shokoofeh.  i will be sharing more as well in the days to come.


Shokoofeh said...


A very big smile on my face right now... xo

Lisa-Marie said...

oh julie (and Shokoofeh) these are wonderful. said...

Love these layers of collaboration!

Sammi said...

I love them, I think my favourites were the same as your favourites!

Anonymous said...

These are fantastic. I think they are just perfect as they are. There is mystery and magic as you say in them. I love the randomness and cross cultural pollination. I look forward to seeing more!

Erin Wallace said...

These are amazing! I'm going to link to this post in my next blog post - these are just too amazing for words.

xo Erin

mrs mediocrity said...

yes, magic.

Joanna Jenkins said...

Loving this look. So beautiful.
Have a great weekend, jj