Friday, March 04, 2011

finishing friday - take 2

if you recall, i declared last friday to be finishing friday and i cannot believe it's already here again! this time, i mean business on the finishing (last time may have dissolved into a new soft flannel scarf for me). but this time, i've got to bind this quilt, because it needs to head off to its new home on monday! i've got it all cut out, it's just a matter of sewing it on.

this zig-zag quilt, i backed with the most wonderful mossy green wool. it's soft and rich and lovely. and even better than the minky fleece i used on the other quilt. i will definitely be using these gorgeous wool fabrics as backing for these couch cuddlers again.

i'm hoping to have this old chair recovered soon - it's the first piece of furniture that husband and i bought together and as you can see, it's a bit tired and various cats have used it as a scratching post. i do still love the color tho'. but i think i'll have it covered using the beautiful patchwork i got from heather moore - and which i couldn't bear to leave in the old house. it's not a task i dare to tackle myself, so i guess i've got to find an upholstery shop.

this vibrant pink tulle will be turned into part of a "girly spy" costume that sabin wants to wear for fastelavn celebrations at school on monday. if you're having trouble seeing that, you're not alone.

there are lots of unfinished projects going on here...sorting of beads, making of a bag for the aforementioned spy costume, a tea cozy, some much to do on finishing friday, so i'd better get to it.


Karen said...

Love the colors!!!...and that old chair the quilt sits on!

Elizabeth said...

The fanel looks so warm and cosy. Love it.

heidikins said...

Yep, am still in-love with the chevrony stripes. So fantastic!


Lisa-Marie said...

Beautiful stripe, and the though of many projects to finish is a very happy one!

Deb said...

Gorgeous Gorgeous Quilt! Your craft table made me creative messy you! Enjoy your Friday!

spudballoo said...

love the warm colours! Looks fine on your might have to make another...!

Tracy Golightly-Garcia said...