Wednesday, March 09, 2011

what i wore today

it's day 3 of my little fun peek into what i wear. today is back to what i'd call more normal. the weather outside is grey and dreary and that means i'm staying in my comfy clothes.  but that also means loads of tea and lots of sewing. so it's not all bad.

t-shirt: gap, singapore
zipped hoodie: gap, singapore
flannel bottoms: life is good, manila
moccasins: soft, creamy leather, handmade and gifted by my aunt years ago
raccoon eyes: yesterday's mascara
glasses: sand


Elizabeth said...

Good morning to you. Have a wonderful day with your sewingmachine.

christelle said...

Thank you for the big smile you've given me when I saw the line you wrote about mascara :) . I'm in grey mood today , that was a real challenge believe me ;).

Anonymous said...

Love those pants!

Lisa-Marie said...

j, I love this. You look perfectly cosy!

Unknown said...

Love those pants!! They make me want to curl and read a good book.

Char said...

i want cozy - it is pouring rain outside. but..alas i get work instead.

Deb said...

You ARE the cat's pajamas!