Friday, March 25, 2011

things about my mom

mom & me in copenhagen - september 2008
~ when my mom turned 60, she declared that since she had always wanted a motorcycle, she was finally getting one. and so she did. she got her motorcycle license and bought a cute little honda rebel. she'd been threatening to do so for years, to the point where i used to have nightmares that i had to leave one of my horses home from a horse show to make room for her motorcycle in the horse trailer.

~ she recently sported the coolest green bobbed wig on st. patrick's day. if i had that wig, i'd wear it every day.

~ she sews like a professional. the cover she recently made for my kitchen-aid is absolutely perfect.

~ she's the repairwoman at our house...if something needs hammering, nailing, screwing, it's mom who does it.  as my sister says, "mom is such a boy."

~ she's a pretty good shot. i remember when i was a kid, going around to trap shooting tournaments with her. and that she often outshot the boys.

~ she's a very good cook. and a truly stellar baker.

~ she loves a corny joke.

~ she's funny.

~ she can back a horsetrailer like nobody's business.

~ she can sing.

~ she has an eye for horses. and a bargain antique.

~ today is her birthday and i hope she has a great day and that dad takes her out for a nice dinner (hint, hint).

happy birthday, mom! if i was there, i'd have made you some red velvet cupcakes!


Rhianne said...

your mum sounds amazing and I love that she brought a motorcycle... I might do that one day too :)

I hope she has a fantastic day!

Tracy Golightly-Garcia said...

Hello Julie

You look so much like your mom!Seems like you get a lot of your talents from her.

Have a great day and week-end.

Tracy :)

Tracy Golightly-Garcia said...

I do hope your mom will have a great Birthday!!!


Karen said...

I love your mom!!!!

Happy Birthday Mom!!!

celkalee said...

Your Mom sounds like a great lady! You are so lucky to have had such a positive role model!

Numinosity said...

That's so sweet. you're inspiring me to make up a list about my mom someday.
xoxo Kim

The Queens Table said...

How wonderful to have such a fabulous Mom! Happy Birthday to her! I have a fantastic relationship with my daughter and that is a treasure. The person whom some would call my mom was never very interested in anyone beyond herself, so I do not know what it is to have that relationship. Enjoy your gift of love!

Joanna Jenkins said...

Happy birthday to your beautiful Mom! I hope your day is wonderful and her year is full of new adventures.
xo jj

Sally said...

Happy Birthday to your mom- she sounds like an extraordinary woman.

Go Mom!! :)

Sammi said...

Happy birthday to your Mom Julie!

Anonymous said...

I hope your mom had a beautiful birthday. I love this idea and might have to share a bit about my mom in honor of her birthday upcoming in April. What a great idea! Or perhaps on mothers day?

mrs mediocrity said...

well, as my husband would say, "why does that surprise me like, not at all?"
or, the apple does not fall far from the tree, whichever you prefer.
she sounds wonderful, and i hope she had a very happy birthday!

Pia K said...

she sounds like an awesome, perky mom, one to have great fun with and who keeps her mind and body developing, changing despite age, love it!

and you, you have MY jacket!!;) i love that jacket but i rarely wear it, weather seems to be either too chilly or too warm for it to be perfect. but it's so so pretty:)

Loredana said...

The motorcycle thing is freakin' awesome! I love that!!! Yay to awesome moms!