Friday, March 11, 2011

finishing friday - take 3

as per usual on finishing friday, i had to start something totally new. in this case, i invented a chai cake (to be blogged soon on domestic sensualist). i got the idea watching that stupid ultimate cake off show and then went searching for a recipe, but didn't find one that i thought sounded that great, so i made one up myself.

chai cake batter - yummy
after i got that out of my system, i sat down to finish this french press cover. i am happy to say that i did, in fact, finish it! :-) finally- i finished something on finishing friday!

this cover should keep the coffee toasty warm if you don't drink it all in the first go. and it's tall enough to fit even when the plunger is still up. i'm pretty pleased, even if i do say so myself. especially with the quilting - i love how it turned out.

and these pretty little squares are set to be tea cozies. i'm still working hard towards that market april 9.

i've set up a little reward system for myself....i get to start on a new project every time i finish one of the old ones. there are some lovely fabrics just waiting for me to cut into them!!

happy weekend, one and all!


Tracy Golightly-Garcia said...

Hello Julie

Love the french press--I am doing some thinking. :)
I also love your little squares--pretty colors.

Have a great week-end!

Tracy :)

christelle said...

Really nicely done :) Funny enough what you call a french press ... we call that italian in France ^^

celkalee said...

Great idea. Our local Joann's has a new batch of pre-quilted fabrics that are so good for such projects. Finishing Friday is a brilliant idea. I'm not quite there yet! - Corinne

Pia K said...

wow, all those little squares, it looks so very productive. love it! and that upcoming market, how fun!

i did such a thing a few times but realised it sadly wasn't for me, people (swedes...?) just aren't willing to pay for craft and creativity. paying expensively for massproduced stuff in stores apparently isn't a problem though...

i'm thinking danes in general are more positive when it comes to craftsmanship, i hope i'm right and i wish you good luck and lots of fortune with the market!!

Loredana said...

This post totally inspired me to get back into my 'creaitvity'. Love the 'tea cozies' and if I had room for my french press on the counter I'd TOTALLY steal your idea for a cover, just to show it off! :-)

Loredana said...

Oh and send over that chai cake recipe :p