Tuesday, March 29, 2011


some days are better than others. 

clouds don't help.

one can feel overwhelmed by responsibilities and expectations.
especially one's own.
but also those of loved ones.

and one can wonder if that light
at the end of the tunnel
is indeed an oncoming train.

independence is both elating and scary.

scary right now.
when it's grey.

there's only one thing to be done...
push though it.

in dreams,
when it feels like falling,
is often when you take off and fly.


Leadership Institute for Girls said...

Precisely that - well said it.
I totally relate to that feeling of knowing what needs to be done but not getting anywhere near.

Leadership Institute for Girls said...
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Karen thisoldhouse2.com said...

What Petunia said... exactly!

Loved this post, words of wisdom!

Mel said...

Lovely, thank you so much for sharing this.

"Independence is both elating and scary" Yes, yes. This is where I am. Fear has been my constant companion this year as I learn that apparently I am afraid of pretty much everything. I'm learning to work with her instead of trying to push her around.

You soar J. I love watching.

Anonymous said...

"in dreams,
when it feels like falling,
is often when you take off and fly."

Love that line. So true.

I need to get flying on some projects, but have been so reluctant to start them. Winter is dragging on here-- and I can't seem to get the lift that I need to take off.

Perhaps I am just moments away from productivity-- and soaring-- but don't know it yet. Like in a dream.

Veronica Roth said...

Dunkirk Spirit

Loredana said...

there's only one thing to be done...
push though it.

That's my motto and it's with these words i make it through the day when I'm finally laying down in bed and discover I'm still breathing and "it wasn't that bad at all".

Thanksfor these words.

Michelle said...

fantastic picture = LOVE IT! WELL DONE!

Pia K said...

expectations, push through it. exactly.
and today i can relate to this in a special way: i got this offer today, which i'm really expected to say yes too, from practically everyone (incl myself), but i am a suspicious kind and can i really trust this whole idea and what if... worst case scenario etc. i'm supposed to make a decision tomorrow.

a cloudy day will get better. it really really will. love the pic!

celkalee said...

you have aptly defined anxiety. this can be crippling or exhilarating. some days a little of both. light is good, helps one to see clearly. great photo.

Bee said...

Terrific match between your picture and thoughts. But is soar the right word for your post title? I'm thinking tunnel or tumult. (Or is that your optimism speaking?)

thinking of you . . . will catch up to/with you soon, hopefully xx

julochka said...

the "soar" was wishful thinking...

Lisa-Marie said...

I think 'soar' is the perfect title. Independence is scary, but my goodness, the chances it gives us!

hank you for your thoughts!

mrs mediocrity said...

yes, all true. the photo is amazing. clouds don't help, but they are there sometimes, just the same.