Friday, March 18, 2011

loving friday

loving today.
loving soft braids.
loving this blog.
(you can see they're related.)
still hanging out here an awful lot.
and still pretty jazzed about this.
but mostly, loving that it's friday.

happy weekend, one and all!


Elizabeth said...

Have a gorgeous friday with all your loves.

nacherluver said...

Followed all the links. Great stuff!

Third link down...
the hot dogs w/spaghetti and the chair? What the...
and the happy elephant made my morning!

Joanna Jenkins said...

I always wished for hair long and thick enough to braid. It's so beautiful.

And speaking of beautiful-- Your fabric shop is fantastic. I so wish I lived closer.

Have a fab weekend, jj

Char said...

your hair is lovely. and yes, pinterest. *sigh* totally loving htat