Sunday, March 06, 2011

ode to a weekend well spent

the beginning of the garden work.
clearing last year's raspberries
with a real scythe 
felt more russian than bergman.

husband away for an evening of port and steak
with the guys. 
that's quite ok.
he needed it.
and it meant i got to spend my evening with a quiet glass of wine
and a book.
and i needed that.

blissful golden sunshine.
bunnies out in the grass.
a cup of tea in the garden.
drinking in the warm sunshine on our faces.
the bunnies did too.
lots of laughing and swinging and chasing away
the barn kitties from the bunny cage.

rejoicing in the light returning.
an orange-pink-purple sunset at 6:37.
the sun taking up a completely different spot in the sky.
as we move in earnest towards spring.


Lost Star said...

Sounds fabulous.

My whole house empties on a Sunday night and I love curling up in the arm chair with coco (not quite wine...) and a good story! It's a jolt to the system when they return again!

Unknown said...

Lovely....all of it...smiles.

Life As I Know It said...

ah, a sunset at 6:37 is enough to make the dark winter worth it.

Lovely post :)

Lisa-Marie said...

That is rather a lovely and well spent weekend. :)

MissBuckle said...

Beautiful words. Beautiful shots. Enjoy the sun.

spudballoo said...

You're going to adore this...the word veri is 'drinktat'...well I don't mind if I do!

Yes that's a perfct weekend. I think we must have wafted ALL the sunshine over your way as it's been grey/gloom for most of the weekend here. The bunnies are beyond a joke here. Totally brazen, up to 10 at a time out there.

Our snowdrops are nearly all gone! Isn't it strange how we live so near and yet so far. You're about 4 weeks 'behind' us as it were.

Reasonably productive weekend here. Greenhouse cleared of 20 years of crap, that kind of weekend. But it was mrSpud who got the home alone time as I went out Friday andSaturday nights. Most unlike me!

Gorgeous sunset, just perfect. And so late! x

Elizabeth said...

What a splendid weekend we did have!!!!

rayfamily said...

Sounds like an amazing day! The light is lenghthening yet the ground continues to be covered with snow here. I'm drinking in your photos..Gorgeous!

Joanna Jenkins said...

Spotting bunnies in the garden is a rare treat for me-- Your made me smile. Thank you.

That is one gorgeous sunset at the end of a wonderful day.

Hope your week is grand, jj

Tracy Golightly-Garcia said...

Hello Julie

Love the snowdrops! I do hope you will have a great week.

Tracy :)

nacherluver said...

Wow! What a day!

Bee said...

These pictures are totally glorious!