Saturday, March 19, 2011

what will you make today?

cloud 9 - nature walk (available here if you're in scandinavia)

i'm thinking a plus quilt

beautiful materials at hand. sketches sketched. refreshed from a day of physical labor yesterday. i'm ready to create.


Karen said...

I've never seen a "plus" design before! Looking forward to your finished project.

Eliane Zimmermann said...

as you are a quilter too you might share the information about the editor of a japanese quilting and patchwork magazine that she will be happy to be sent quilts of any size to be delivered to suffering people in sendai where her family lives. the information (in english language) can be found on the website of german textile artist doerte bach:

celkalee said...

The fabric line is delightful. At first I thought the fabrics were laminated or oilcloth because of the shine in the photos. (That type of fabric has had a major resurgence here for tablecloths, lunch bags/tote bags, raincoats. Amy Butler has a line of lovely fabrics. made a rain coat, see the March 3rd post.)
I then realized that is likely a cellophane wrap on the bolt! Sorry...No sleep here:( The fabrics are beautiful, can't wait to see you color choices for the plus quilt.

Sandra said...

Coffee. That is as ambitious as I get. : )

That quilt looks complicated.

Anonymous said...

I made Bakewell Tart today.
Loved your leather i-pad case, by the way. Well done indeed.

Monica said...

That picture of pencils reminds me of my new set of Urban Decay eyeliners. They make me happy.