Friday, March 25, 2011

friday happinesses

apparently, husband has been giving orders from his tractor since at least 1970.
and that totally makes me smile.

the child brought home her friend's trousers for me to mend.
and that totally makes me smile.

her friend's mom was pretty embarrassed about the whole thing.
but we laughed and laughed.
and that was great.

red velvet cupcakes for breakfast.

a new, beautiful, gauzy lavender scarf from here.

the impending arrival of a couchsurfer who has been an artist-in-residence somewhere in denmark for the past month.

attended a pirate play at sabin's school last evening.
sabin sewed costumes for it.
and has learned how to use an overlock machine.
must find one at a flea market and have her teach me.

our veggie box will come and be full of exciting ingredients for dinner.

plans to plant an apple orchard this weekend.
and to finish the alley of oak trees leading down to the lake.
they're about knee-high right now, so it will be awhile before we can take a stroll down the majestic lane.
but we can wait.

much-needed, soul-baring conversation with a friend.

the weekend stretching ahead, promising time together, the hope that is planting things, sewing projects and delicious, healthy food.

happy weekend, one and all.


Maria-Thérèse ~ said...

Pirate play? Pictures, please!

Lisa-Marie said...

That you want to learn from your daughter is a wonderful thing. My maternal family (though not my mum) is one in which the adult always knows best, and skills and knowledge in a child are to be put 'in their place'. It's nice to see that isn't the case for everyone!

Sandra said...

Love Husband on his tractor! Except it makes me feel rather old.

Life sounds interesting at your household.

Tara Thayer said...

more soon.

and that photo of husband?