Tuesday, March 01, 2011

a sense of place: march 1

cold. still. quiet.
silence broken only by the squawk of a pheasant in the distance,
the song of small birds spreading the word about the seeds i just put out.

grey. hushed. crisp.
black outlines of branches
against a sky encompassing the range of grey tones.
even grey can be beautiful.
in the crisp cold silence.

a new month.
a step closer to spring.
and a faint scent of spring in the air.
hello march, what took you so long?


Elizabeth said...

Feels like we, Denmark-girls, are just about desperate for spring. The snow has to go, the sun has to shine, we want to see new growth, buds turning into leafs and flowers to appear again. Not tomorrow but NOW.

Kathryn Dyche said...

Beautiful, I love putting bird seed out and listening to the bird chatter as word gets out.

Anonymous said...

I absolutely adore your colorful, crafty, wholesome goodness posts, but I feel anointed with oil when I see stark, gray, even purplish, deep dark winter posts like this.
I love each season so hard.

Cyndy said...

Gasp! Miss Julie this almost, quite decidedly, could be considered poetry from you! I like it! Keep spreading those creative wings ~ the seeds lay before you...

Deb said...

snow drops! snow drops! Beautiful snow drops!

Char said...

she was getting dressed up just for you

mrs mediocrity said...

snow drops. all i have is snow. and more snow, and more snow. i'll keep looking for the drops.