Saturday, March 19, 2011

leather iPad case

i made a leather case for our iPad today (we still have only the original one - but we love it!).

i've had this cream-colored leather for awhile and have wanted to make this. i kept seeing pictures of it in my head.

so today i decided it was time to make it at long last. i listened to the leather itself, cutting as little as possible, wanting it to retain its organic shape.

i love it. and it was actually super simple (if you don't count the panic attack where i briefly broke my sewing machine trying to sew with thick leather thread). i'm still going to decorate the flap somehow, but that will no doubt be the next thing to appear in my head.  i was so excited, i just had to share.  next up, one for my macbook air.


Lisa-Marie said...

This is properly swank!

The first time I sewed leather it properly broke my sewing machine. I had to replace it!

Tracy Golightly-Garcia said...

So many talents!

Cassie said...

I love working with leather! It feels like a great accomplishment when you're finished! :)

Found your blog from flickr. Lovely!!

-Cassie (

celkalee said...

Lovely. I particularly like the shape of the flap. A little felted ball for a button?

Joanna Jenkins said...

Nice job! I think my sewing machine would whine if I tried to sew leather.
Can't wait to see how you finish it off.
Cheers, jj

f8hasit said...

Always an inspiration, you've just now properly made my current iPad cover look absolutely...boring.

Tomorrow I will attempt to rectify this situation.

Char said...

i see an ornament of twigs, stones and feathers entwined together...perhaps a bit of wool too

beautiful job

k said...

i love how you have left the shape so organic -wonderful!

Sandra said...

The case is lovely, but I am going to reveal my ignorance. I have no idea what an iPad does, other than I see the ads that show a finger moving pages or what ever. I don't know why I should want it. Sacrilege, I know. Especially since I own a Mac. And I really do like it, but I am simply not aware of why I need this.

Sammi said...

o0o I love it!

Michelle said...

absolutely beautiful in its simplicity - well done..