Saturday, March 12, 2011

shag ~ marry ~ kill

have a heart

it's been a really long time since i played shag ~ marry ~ kill, but since last evening, when we were watching live from bremen (a sort of danish equivalent to saturday night live, only on friday night), and i realized that lasse rimmer was on my list (read: shag), i've been pondering that list once again.  because we all have a list, don't we? but we don't always say it out loud.

the beauty of this game is that it's all your head, you'll most likely never be asked to prove it, but it is deliciously fun to think about.  you make a list of known people and you simply say whether you would shag, marry or kill them.
  1. anne hathaway ~ shag (she's just so adorable)
  2. robert downey, jr. ~ shag + marry
  3. charlie sheen ~ kill
  4. colin firth ~ shag (obviously)
  5. meryl streep ~ marry (i could hang out with meryl)
  6. michelle obama ~ marry
  7. william shatner (as denny crane) ~ SHAG (would so not have thought i'd say this)
  8. james spader ~ SHAG (i'm into boston legal, what can i say?)
  9. that ridiculous kate woman who had 8 kids and is on that kate + 8 show on discovery travel & living ~ kill (obviously)
  10. muammar gaddafi ~ kill (again, obviously)
usually, there are lots of old guys on my list (letterman, harrison ford), but strangely, they don't come to mind this evening. 

come on, play along! :-) it's a bit of harmless fun.


Roberta Warshaw said...

I always had Donald Sutherland on my F-M-K list. Oh and Robert Downey Jr too....mmmm.

celkalee said...

1. tom selleck-shag
2. timothy oliphant-shag
3. marry-no one, once is enough
4. kill-no one, I am non-violent
nice little game, its been a long day, I'm sure there are more shaggers, I just can't think right now.