Thursday, March 31, 2011

random reflections

~ who knew jason mraz blogged. or was so deep?

~ my sister seems to think i'm in need of a joyologist. i think what i really need is a week of steady sunshine.

~ last night i dreamed i was a jackie kennedy-esque (in her bouvier years) girl reporter, armed with an iPhone instead of a bulky greyflex (tho' in my dream it was a brownie).

~ i'm amused by this.

~ and these are just so cool.

~ (why are all the bloggy people i stalk like in south africa?)

~ i had the most wonderful, intense conversation on tuesday about living life intensely and passionately and in a most engaged manner. i'm still processing it and trying to write it. but i think in a way i'm not ready to let go of it yet. because often once i write something, it means letting it go and it doesn't haunt me or resonate through my thoughts anymore in the same way. so i'm having trouble making the words come.

~ a juice of carrot, apple, orange and ginger, fresh from the juicer will do more for a headache than 2 ibuprofen.

~ sabin is convinced there's the ghost of an old man in the house. she heard him cough and he closed the door to her bedroom (which currently lacks a doorknob, so she had to climb out her window). i swear i thought i heard him snoring the other evening. but so far, that's the only sign of him i'm seen or heard. as for sabin, she's not afraid at all, but very matter-of-fact about the whole thing.

~ i've exchanged MOO cards with a couple of friends lately and they totally make me happy. what is it about those colorful little half-sized bits of card that is so joyful? is it that they're unique because they're made of one's own photos? colorful? what is it? i think it's got something to do with the size, tho' pia sent regular business card-sized ones as well and they made me equally happy. in any case, i do love MOO.


Elise Ann Wormuth said...

I really like the photo-painting combination -- very interesting idea!

julochka said...

elise - i know, aren't they amazing? she did an awesome job pairing them.

Lost Star said...

Girl reporters armed with iPhones sounds cool.

I'm a little concerned about the ghost. But then, they are the one thing guaranteed to terrify me after a night spent on the stairs unable to move after I swore a white robe hanging up was a ghost. And the recurring childhood/teenage dreams about a girl ghost in my bedroom. Not scary ones. Just persistant.

Yeah. They are the sole horror-esque thing to creep me out.

Sabin is one brave girl for not freaking out!

Loredana said...

All I read was 'Jason Mraz, blogged' and I clicked and became a follower immediately!

Now onto your next set of things you mentioned-I totally get it whehn you write that you had an amazing conversation and you want to get it all out but know once you do it won't resonate through your thouhts anymore and sometimes I just like it to remain there too.

How cute of Sabin to think there's a ghost...seems like he's not afraid though, is he?

Gonna go check out the other 2 links you put up.

P.S. Great headache remedy, my husband always gets them and hates to take aspirin. ;-)

Meri said...

So I'm made you captive in Share the Joy Thursday. . . sunshine or not.

Deb said...

beatnik's post reminded me of one of my all time fav novels, Like Water for Chocolate by Esquivel...know it?

Re: moo cards, do you have moo print up your art when you are making cards/prints for sale? Still looking for the right place..


The Queens Table said...

You look so cute and funky! Thanks for the great links!

Lisa-Marie said...

What a lovely bright photo. Cool stripy tights.

That juice sounds good, I shall try it for my next hangover (apple and ginger, mmmmmm).

xxx said...

interesting post...

I feel that when a concept is shared it gives it more clarity.

I love moo cards too... they're the best.

Barbara said...

I love that your daughter is just matter-of-fact about the ghost (I loved the movie "The Ghost and Mrs. Muir" :) And I really need to check out those MOO cards!

Eryl said...

Love your stripy legs! I clicked on the MOO link, hadn't heard of it before, my images are being uploaded as I type this.