Monday, June 02, 2008

the chaos of my life

this picture simply says it all about my life at the moment. chaos. we may have the hans wegner "y" chairs, but there's nothing else in the kitchen--no fridge, no dishwasher, no SINK (that's the worst), no stove. everything is covered in dust. the floor is taken out, there are oak floorboards leaning against the wall. there's nowhere to cook. but somehow, we get by. maybe because of the sunshine, it all seems bearable.

despite being covered with dust, it is a pretty cool lamp we made of driftwood, isn't it? :-)


Anonymous said...

oh, poor you! It is soooo hard to live without a workable kitchen! I take it you will have an new and improved one soon though! Yea!

Gwen said...

I love the driftwood lamp, but that otherwise appliance free kitchen kind of makes my heart hurt!

Jaime said...

Think of it like camping.

Could be a good adventure, no?

julochka said...

it's like a camping nightmare that goes on and on.

but, at last the end is in sight. the plumber comes today and yesterday we spent a small fortune on refrigerator, dishwasher and new stove. they will arrive next week.

as long as the sun keeps shining, i will get through this!!

hele said...

It sure makes me feel better about our kitchen :)

But the sun is shining here as well so I go sit and study outside.