Tuesday, June 17, 2008

progress in the kitchen

new oak floor going in.  
husband is a brilliant handyman!
the circle he cut out in the floor around the brændeovn is brilliant
we'll have tile there to protect from fire.

the stove has arrived (in the shop) and is ready to be delivered later this week.

refrigerator is in too!  and so is the dishwasher (it just made for a boring pic)

this brændeovn went in a couple of weeks ago, but i don't think i really showed it before
it's wonderful because it's both stove for efficient heating and fireplace with the glass open.

we will get through this and it will be worth it.

and we're going to keep the walls yellow, we decided today.


Barb said...

Only one word - WOW!

Tara said...

So envious of your appliances. You'd better show the finished room!!!

Anonymous said...

you lucky girl julie!! a red refrigerator! and a husband who is more than handy? count your blessings girl. my husband is fairly good handyman but is sooo utilitarian about it. i will watch for more photos! thank you for visiting me :)

Jaime said...

Yay! You are keeping that beautiful colour on the walls!
I was a little sad when you said you were going cream.

hele said...

Sigh, I crave your kitchen and your greenhouse and your shoes.

julochka said...

barb--i hope so, when it's eventually finished!'

tara--Smeg does rock. :-)

birdtweets--and the one in the pic isn't even the right one--it will have a freezer compartment on top. I adore the retro look. It's like Jamie Oliver, only in red.

jaime--it's thanks to what you said that we're keeping the yellow, so THANK YOU!!!

hele--i'll trade--I adore your nautilus and South Africa is one of my favorite places on the planet!!!

Phyllis Hunt McGowan said...

I love the fridge. I love the stove. I'm not one for drooling over applicants and things but they look fabulous.
I'm having yellow walls in my kitchen when it happens!

julochka said...

elementary--i'll send you the "recipe" for the yellow when the time comes, it's not a normal one. :-) we had 7 samples and a photo of the sahara taken in morocco...that was 7 years ago. not sure how we're going to duplicate it as we threw out the last old can ages ago. might have to cut out a little bit of the wallpaper and take it down to match it.