Tuesday, March 01, 2011

b is for better

as in, things can only get better....

~ i spent most of the day totally freezing and couldn't get warm.

~ my neck and shoulders are strangely aching.

~ can you say, coming down with something?

~ husband crashed the car pulling out of a parking lot and had to come home in a loaner car from the dealership. (he's fine, as it was a slow-speed thing.)

~ the deductible is 5,100DKK ($942). (that would buy an awful lot of fabric.)

~ i learned that christiane amanpour left CNN and went to ABC (which i realize happened awhile ago, but i've apparently been living under a rock).

~ i learned i've apparently been living under a rock.

~ the person husband crashed into is our neighbor, the pilot, who sells us things like stalls and tractors. that man costs us money every time we see him. he's lucky he's posh and funny. and rather cute for an old guy. (and by that i mean both husband and piloten.)

but on the bright side, moggle the jacabob came today (he's the little one in the bottom of the B above).  and it is march 1. and march has gotta be better than february.


Anonymous said...

well at least your rock has a stellar cast underneath it.....if i do say so myself. ;)

bostonian Couture said...

<3 i love the little toys in the picture

mrs mediocrity said...

i am hoping for just that, for march to be better than february. and i've had that same achy neck and back thing going on, i think it's lack of sunshine!

Sammi said...

Ugh, what a start to the month!!!