Friday, March 11, 2011

what i wore today

and the final installment (for now) in the what i wore today series. i think i did it mostly as a way of getting properly dressed. when you work from home, you have a habit of remaining rather slothfully in comfy pajamas all day. and tho' i love those comfy pajamas, dressing up gives you something extra psychologically.

since it's friday and the storm outside seems to have mostly blown through, i thought a little dressing up was in order. i've pinned several messy braid photos to my pinterest and thought i'd give it a try today.

messy braids: intentional
dress: lysgaard
sweater: noa noa
necklace: pilgrim
ring: impulse purchase in babo, manila
leggings: found at the grocery store
brown boots: vintage (now), purchased new 15 years ago at bloomingdale's in chicago
eyeshadow: moss paint pot by mac

probably should have ironed the dress.

happy weekend, everyone!


Elizabeth said...

Good morning sweet face, love your messy braids!!!!

Lynne said...

you know what I love best? That you still haven't swept the floor! A woman after my own heart (unless it is a Danish/US tradition that I don't know about...)

Tracy Golightly-Garcia said...

Once again--I love it all and even the messy braids. Do you know if there is a Lysgaard in the states or can you order off line?

Have a great week-end!

Tracy :)

will said...

So, how about your Carhartt's and Danner's ... Self-respecting workers rely on Carhartts and steel-toed Danner's whether you're walking steel 40 stories up or working with a back hoe next to the interstate, Carhartts ARE the right fashion statement. And, now they're available in several colors!

celkalee said...

love the "messy braids!" very Heidi-like!

Magpie said...

"found at the grocery store" kind of sounds like they were just lying on the floor, discarded. please tell me you bought them!