Monday, December 15, 2008

the stuff i should have written about this morning

i was so busy getting in a last laugh at our nearly past-president and the shoe thing that i didn't really write about or share all of the things i should have, which actually turned out to be good, because i have even more stuff to show you now.

you are all well aware of how much i adore design for mankind, but now i have even more reason to love it! last week, i left a comment on a giveaway posting for this great print from nicole lecht at freshly blended press. and i actually won!! it's so exciting! i said i would give it to my friend who just had twins, since it's a stork picture and now i really get to do that! thank you erin, nicole and design for mankind! there are more giveaways this week, so get on over there!! maybe you can be a winner too!

* * *

the mailman brought me my back-tack today. my lovely partner mo, sent me these beautiful handmade tea towels and oven mitt, plus a bunch of other goodies (including brownie mix from trader joe's (one of the only things i still miss from the US--having a grocery store like trader joe's)). it's just so nice to get a package! (and speaking of packages, those jokers from DHL showed up today as well.)

* * *

i've been talking endlessly about my writing house. that was the original idea with it, but the room, which is really a 24 m2 building in the garden has become much more than just a place for me to write. as the fireplace guy who came to have a look at where he will install a woodburning stove in there said, it's more of an atelier. i like that idea. it's a place where, despite the fact that the electrician came only last week and the lights aren't really hooked to the switch yet, we want to spend all of our time. and i did spend a lot of time there this weekend. hanging our family paintings from last weekend and painting a liquor cabinet (then filling it with liquor--of which we have a rather shocking amount thanks to how often i pass through a duty free (cocktails anyone?)) and arranging the camera collection.  check it out...

love, love, love the hamngren print we inherited from husband's father and now we finally have a great place to hang it.

masses of beautiful fabric waiting for the muse to strike and looking mighty pretty in the meantime.

and strike the muse did. yesterday's late afternoon big-ass mug of coffee didn't only result in balderdash and laughing at bush, but also in some painting and a pillow design...

i'm pretty pleased with the pillow. it's for my sister-in-law for christmas, but it may be difficult to part with it. more pix of it tomorrow in better light (not the bright work light that's shining on it here, looking like the sun, which i only vaguely remember anyway, since i haven't seen it in weeks) and when it's finished. which i'm going to do now.


Molly said...

Wow I'm jealous of your atelier! I too would stay up faaaar too late if I had a space like to arrange, let alone actually 'create' in!

tangobaby said...

Are you coloring your house in Direct Positive? Because it looks like even better than real life.

You're so talented. How does all of that talent fit into a single person?

ps. One of the guys I work with collects vintage cocktail recipe books. He was talking about his favorite cocktail, the Ann Sheridan. I think I need to get you some cool-ass vintage recipes for your speakeasy, er...I mean liquor cabinet.

julochka said...

Molly--thanks, come by anytime and we'll make some stuff together!

TB--it's actually mostly "Tone Curve - Strong Contrast" on these. :-) i like that one too. :-) i'm totally addicted to LR. how did i manage without it? my life certainly wasn't as vibrant before...or maybe it seems even more appealing in this dark time when the sun hasn't shined for weeks...

Iris said...

I know you've been talking about the colors of your writing house for a few weeks but I just couldn't really picture it in my head. Now that I see it though the colors are fantastic. I LOVE the first picture with the Christmas paintings and stuff you and your family did. The reds and pinks really pop off the wall with the turquoise.

But what exactly is "Tone Curve-Strong Contrast"?

Oh and I love the collection of old cameras on top of the liquor cabinet. Oh and the fabric pile. Okay...I just love the whole dang room!


tangobaby said...

And what about the High Contrast B&W? Love that one too.

julochka said...

hi iris--all those colors are popping out due to adobe lightroom 2--it's like photoshop for dummies like me. :-) i'm into gadgets, but overwhelmed by photoshop. and tone curve--strong contrast is one of the presets that you just click in lightroom and make your pictures pop! it's awesome. and free for 30 days!

Anonymous said...

Our president is quick! I was so impressed with his reflexes!

Tin (ni Johann) said...

Your atelier looks so wonderful and inspiring! ^_^

Janni said...

Hi julie

I want a "grown-up-play-house" in the garden too (so santa if you are reading this...)

No really it looks so great, love the colors, i'v had my eye on that big tin box, for a long time now, and if i buy it now i will just look like a copycat...thank you ;-) LOL.

Hope to se it for real sometime in the new year.


Relyn Lawson said...

Atelier is a perfect name for your lovely dream room. Lucky sister-in-law, too.