Sunday, March 08, 2009

a day for women

today is international women's day. it's a holiday that i wasn't actually aware of until i studied in kazan in 1994. there, i learned that it was a pretty big deal. and how can you go wrong with an entire day that celebrates the achievements and well woman-ness of women--mothers, career women, daughters, professors, politicans, princesses, peace activists--strong, capable, wonderful women.

and so, it seemed like a most appropriate day to launch a little project that i've been working on for awhile behind the scenes (mostly on gmail chat) with the ever-fabulous tangobaby. it's a little something we've dubbed The Julie Project.

after seeing lots of collaborative blogs out there, we decided to have a go. check it out and see what's happening in julieland.  two julies - one mission. the julie project.


tangobaby said...

Julieland... where the shoes are hot, the wit is ever flowing, and smart girls reign supreme. Yeeahhh!

The Clever Pup said...

Happy Women's Day but everyday should be a celebration not just one day that celebrates "the achievements and well woman-ness of women--mothers, career women, daughters, etc. "

We make the world go round.

Sebrina Wilson said...

Happy Women's Day!!! The new project looks wonderful!!!

Unknown said...

Wow! You've certainly been busy! New job and lots of new projects. I'm going to vote for your dream assignment now. This is only for US citizens so I can't enter, but it has really got me thinking on what my dream assignment would be, I'd love to go round the world documenting sustainable ways of living, permaculture farms, green hotels, things like that... maybe one day!

Just Jules said...

How very exciting and fun for you guys !! I love the pics with the sunglasses. Two favs in one. This will be good

hele said...

"noisy and colorful, smart and funny"

sounds absolutely wonderful, I can't wait to frolic around admiring your journey.

ps - your word verification for this comment: reason.