Thursday, March 19, 2009

an alternative sleeping beauty

do you remember the story of sleeping beauty? i thought i did, but i didn't remember that it contained a whole lot of whispers from backstage and impatient toes peeking under the curtain:

and i don't really remember an abraham lincoln character.

but it did begin to vaguely ring a bell when they brought out a king and a queen who desperately wanted a baby.

it got a bit hazy again when a frog came out and promised them a little princess. i don't really remember a frog.

but then some good fairies came and made lovely promises of a happy life for the baby princess.

but, of course, there had to be an evil fairy too and she said the princess would die, which didn't really seem so bad because it all rhymed.

luckily, the blue fairy hadn't yet made her promise to the little princess and she said she wouldn't die she would just sleep for 100 years. and so she grew up and did exactly that.

and tall vines (which spoke in rhyme) grew up around her.

and they were quite hilarious when the prince came and chopped them down.

and despite looking positively american gothic, the prince and princess lived happily ever after.

and wild fun was had by all...

and now it's time for some beauty sleep around here.


Char said...

adorable!!! I remember doing Cinderella when I was 8(ish) and I was a "dancing lady" at the ball. No great actress am I.

love these sweet

Just Jules said...

I was a sugar plum fairie in kindergarten and it is one of the only memories I have from that year.

So, adorable!

The teacher would love a copy of those pics!


BTW - good job mom on the fairie outfit!

Tara Thayer said...

Funny that we were both at school plays, today! Parallel trans-continental universes. Ours was Julius Caesar, for !@#$% sake. No pretty fairies in that one. It was actually disturbing: all the middle schoolers applauded when Caesar was stabbed to death. Hmmm.
Sabin looks so very pretty. Take care, tt

tangobaby said...

Oh my goodness! What a production! Love the captions, too. (We won't tell the kids about the Bruno Bettleheim interpretation of the story just yet.)

ps. I'm getting flashbacks to my sister and I and our modern dance interpretation of Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds, but this play seems even stranger than that.

Magpie said...

Awesome recap.

Gwen said...


As some of the original versions of Sleeping Beauty contained incest, bestiality and murder, I'd say this strange version is preferable, no?