Tuesday, March 31, 2009

it's a mad, mad world

evidence that the world has gone mad:

apparently miss universe recently visited guantanamo bay naval base. and loved it. read more here. i can't bring myself to quote any more of it. but she's from venezuela. methinks hugo's not gonna like that.

150 people kill themselves in front of a train in the moscow metro every year. they call it the metro blues. although many stations of the moscow metro are really beautiful, apparently overcrowding and bad air quality are taking their toll. read more here (also from the independent, tho' i read it in my danish newspaper, information.)

politeness remains the norm in the departure email, even in trying times. i admit i'd like to read some really juicy stuff about really honest departure emails. anybody out there got anything good?

meghan mccain, daughter of the 600-year-old GOP presidential candidate blogs. i have a vague recollection of knowing this fact during last autumn's election, but i think i  blocked it out.

todd palin in esquire magazine. hello people, it's over with the palins! their 15 seconds are up.

bushy eyebrows are back. (tho' i admit to not knowing who half the people in those pictures are.) that's like, so 80s. and if you already lived once through the 80s, you don't wanna go back.


heidikins said...

Ah geez...the world is Crazy.

I feel the collective IQ of the universe dropping. Sigh.


tangobaby said...

I can't decide if reading these links will make me less distracted or drive me over the edge.

Although standing in line at the grocery store and at least 1/3 of the magazines have Jennifer Aniston's face plastered on them makes me wonder, too.

Can you please explain to me if we shouldn't give an eff about the Palins anymore, why does the media think I need constant Aniston exposure and updates?

Okay, i'm going to [mentally] jump off the Golden Gate bridge now. Kidding.


ps. HEY! My WV is pship! What's a pship?

Char said...

for that matter why do we need any constant updates on stars. and Octomom - bless her pea pickin' heart, but she needs to get back to the business of raising her babies and quit being on the news every 15 seconds.

Just Jules said...

please keep the 80's history... haven't we learned about reliving history? Why do designers have to cycle through the past decades, can't they have an original idea of their own?