Monday, March 16, 2009

monday's lessons

things i learned this monday:
  1. i wore my grey hugo boss suit today and the pants are really loose. who would have imagined that i'd lost weight? and how fat was i before? holy crap.
  2. some moron apparently packed my suitcase because it was missing:
    1. deodorant
    2. clean underwear (too much information, i realize)
    3. my wolford knee-highs (which meant i was wearing slightly bulky grey SOCKS with the heels and the hugo boss today)
    4. any tights for tomorrow's austin reed skirt suit.
    5. no shampoo or conditioner whatsoever.
  3. it did, however, contain:
    1. 3 different kinds of perfume
    2. a ball of yarn and some knitting needles
    3. my 20-pack of staedler triplus fineliners
    4. about 50 receipts from stores in manila
    5. 6 different mac paint pots
    6. 2 sets of false eyelashes
  4. i am lucky this hotel is right next to the largest mall in scandinavia, so i have now remedied all of #2 (except for the bulky socks i had on all day with my open-toed pumps).
  5. my fingers remember how to do all that dumb PC stuff (like ctrl-alt-del), even if my conscious mac brain has blocked it all out.
  6. learned a new term in the IHT: mediagenic (new for me, anyway).
  7. i have a hard time telling the difference between spoken norwegian and spoken swedish.
  8. that ryan air guy is really wacky (yes, i'm watching BBC world).
  9. i think the mirrors in this hotel might be long-hair mirrors. i swear my hair seems longer in norway.
  10. 38% of the people in my new company have a master's degree. 4% have a Ph.D.
i hope you learned something too this monday. :-)

p.s. i haven't forgotten the 50 followers on that coming soon!!!!
p.p.s. i'm not done with the whole eyeball thing yet. 


d smith kaich jones said...

Your are helping the economy. Buy more.

:) Debi

Alicia @ boylerpf said...

Makes you sure wonder where your luggage has been or who has been through everything you own!! Always learning...till I'm 6'under.

tangobaby said...

I have learned today that the person who packs your suitcase also packs mine.

Is this too personal to ask but by not packing clean underwear, does that mean she packed dirty underwear instead?

I do give her props for the lashes, though, because you can get underwear anywhere. My girl always always forgets my toothbrush. She must think I wear dentures.

Enjoy your trip!

Delwyn said...

Yep the same moron that packs my bag...

Char said...

:) I think we all need to fire that girl - she worked for me too

julochka said...

i'm afraid not packing clean underwear meant packing no underwear at all. at least she didn't pack dirty ones. that would almost have been worse.

luckily, i keep a toothbrush/toothpaste in the makeup bag (with all those paint pots and eyelashes), so that wasn't a problem.

Molly said...

It's the socks with peep toes that slays me - Hugo Boss would be appalled!

Magpie said...

False eyelashes?

And why didn't you just go barefoot under the peep toes?

Elizabeth said...

Packing bags is a tough job.