Tuesday, March 31, 2009

perfume review: brasil dream

husband is in brazil this week in a place called montes claros, which according to him is the titoveles of brazil (we met in macedonia, so we compare most places to there, doesn't everyone do that?). if you read the wiki link, you'll find a clue as to what husband is doing in brazil. (hint: it's in the "economy" section of the entry.) but, i digress. since he's in brazil, the time seemed right for a review of my newest perfume, estee lauder's brasil dream.

i picked this one up because i was hankering for a transition to the summer perfumes and i wanted a new scent for a new job. there are a couple of others in this series--emerald dream and bali dream--neither of which ever appealed (read: went desperately wrong on me), so i was pleasantly surprised at how much i liked brasil dream. and happy it didn't go wrong.

it's the perfect seasonal transition scent. not too summery and light, but with just the right overtones of summery and light...a bit of lemon, some bergamot. it will give you glimpses of summer without the direct heat of the sun. underneath, there's still some interesting darker patchouli and neroli going on. it's the perfect scent for this changeable time of year--cold and blustery one day, sunny and springlike the next. i don't really know what that has to do with brazil, not having been there, but admit that from the name, i expected it to be a bit more flamboyant, suntanned and well, half-naked with a feather headdress.  so i find it rather misnamed, tho' i don't really have an alternative in mind.

i did a bit of research and learned that this scent is a "travel exclusive," which means you'll only find it in the duty free of your favorite international airport and possibly in some onboard sales catalogs, not at your local estee lauder counter.  that explains as well the packaging, which is a nice flat bottle that tucks perfectly into your makeup bag. that was another selling point for me, since i travel a lot.

the perfume has a brightness i needed at the close of winter, but still has a heavier presence that lasts. i don't think i'll wear it into the summer.  it has a powdery fade that will seem too heavy then, but i really like it for now. and embarking on something new (like a new job) always requires a new scent. that's like a rule, right?

EDIT:  i should have noted that this is a really new perfume. it was just released in february.


Just Jules said...

Spray me, NOW. School just got called due to the snow - uggg I could use hints on Summer.

Mary-Laure said...

I love lemon and bergamot.

Samantha S said...

I have never heard of Brasil Dream. I might just check that out.

Char said...

I used to love a spanish perfume called maja that my uncle in the navy always brought home for me. it smelled clean. yours sounds so lovely.

Pattern and Perspective said...

Next time I'm at the airport I'm going to find the perfume counter and take a whiff.