Monday, March 16, 2009

a new world dawns

just a quick post while my new work laptop does its installation thang in the background. it's a dell latitude E4200 and while i'm normally morally opposed to dell (them being evil thanks to michael dell being a huge contributor to bush-cheney campaigns), this computer is so tiny and so light that it almost (but not quite) makes up for it not being a mac. and i do so love the technology and gadgets. it's so tiny it's practically gadget sized. but enough about that.

you can look forward to a lot of new terminology here on MPC in the foreseeable future. there will probably be a lot more talk about longitudinal bulkheads and hatch coamings, ballast tanks and water ingress detectors, maximum sailing draughts, propulsion, starboard, port and aft. so many fun new words.

but now i'm off to the graphics department to see the new designs of my magazine (that's so exciting!), so i'll catch ya this evening.


Dave King said...

Best of luck with it - I'm on the brink of investing, too - though not in a Dell I'm thinking. I shall look forward to the new terminology!

Polly said...

I have a dell and I love it... a little less now though having found out about the funding campaing, I had no idea. I look forward to the new terminology as well.

Just Jules said...

The real world - I am scared to re-enter. Luckily I still have another school year t "grow up" again.

julochka said...

Dave--if you're on the brink of upgrading, i can only, only recommend a mac.

polly--you can't love a PC, it's not possible! :-) i konw this. i used to work for microsoft. :-)

jules--real world, no need to fear, it's just as unreal as the unreal world. :-)

Char said...

i knew i didn't like dells for a reason

Samantha S said...

Hey, I have a question. You sound like you are quite knowledgeable on the computer front, so here goes. I had a mac a couple of years back and I loved it, loved it. But I found that many things I wanted to do on my computer I couldn't because the mac was not compatable. So I reluctantly parted with it and I am now here with my Dell. Which works perfectly, no probs whatsoever, but I do so miss my mac. My question is: how do you survive with a mac when it seems so incompatable with everything? Sorry I have bored you.

tangobaby said...

Just paste an Apple logo sticker over the Dell icon on your laptop and maybe that will help with the illusion.

Can't wait to learn more new words and hear about the new job. What an exciting Monday, if vicariously it's being enjoyed.

julochka said...

char--that is my main reason, but had no choice in the matter and am just trying to make the best.

adelex72--i returned to Mac last summer after a decade-long break which was caused mostly by the fact that i accidentally worked for microsoft for 4 years. i can tell you that i have not had a single compatibility issue. Macs today can open whatever file you want them to, despite it being created by a dreaded MS product. if you use open office, it's free word processing, spreadsheets and a ppt-like program. mac has come a long way since i had last used it. and besides, they just look so damn good on your desk and in the airline lounge. get a mac, you won't be sorry.

tangobaby--so many new words and some i'd forgotten--like bow thruster. i totally forgot about those. :-)

Tin (ni Johann) said...

My sister was just raving about the new Dell. My bro is a big fan --

I'm completely converted to Apple. ^_^