Friday, March 06, 2009

a long hair day

i woke up freakishly early because i was worried about whether margie of resurrection fern had listed any more merfish. that's how cool they are. i have one and i want need more! i haven't gotten at exactly what it is, but these little guys just totally speak to me. and i'm a little obsessed. but i have found merfish meds, so this too shall pass....

mine is the one one the left

then, i got home and this beauty was waiting for me. i think if the D300 will move over, i'll snuggle up to this one too when i go to sleep tonight. there's another one too, that i'll photograph tomorrow and share. it's unspeakably wonderful.

this and the previous picture are margie's
the good part about waking up so early was that i noticed that i was having a long hair day. so i tried to make up with my D60 (after the neglect caused by the D300) by letting it be the one to take my morning self-portraits-in-hotel-room-on-a-long-hair-day. i think it forgave me.

i love the motion of the earring and my shutter finger on this one. 

in all, it's been a couple of great days. i feel a little guilty being so giddy and so fortunate when there's a GEC going on. so i'm trying to restrain myself and not be too obnoxious. but i have to admit that i want to shout for joy from the rooftops. i can feel a return of energy that is more than just impending spring. there is of course relief in having a job at all but there's also a sense of elation that it's a great new job, one that seems to be everything i could have wished for. and in light of all that's going on in the world, i promise not to go on and on about it (like i did with the inspiration thing). because i am humbly, profoundly grateful to whatever fates may have intervened and brought me into this situation and i by no means want to rub that good fortune in anyone's face.

do you ever have long hair days?

does sunshine make you sneeze?

these are the questions to ponder as the weekend is upon us...have a lovely, inspired, laughter-filled one, wherever you are!


Delwyn said...

A lovely long hair day shot with you and your ex.
I rarely have long hair days - in this humid climate its nearly always a frizzy day...I need to go to NZ (or Palm Springs) to get the long hair look.

enjoy the excitement of the new job...I'm sorry I missed the acronym's (GEC) meaning...??

Maggie May said...

i'm so truly happy for you!!!

Just Jules said...

I do have long hair days vs up do days. Today though it was a double piggy tale ratted mess on top of my head day (my traditional traveling hair do).

If I have to sneeze I find that looking at a light helps, but not the sun....

From outside the West Fargo area

Magpie said...

I love those stones!

Earlier today, I was thinking I needed a haircut, and that I would go tomorrow. But this evening, my hair just seemed...right. So now I don't know what to do.

Janni said...

My long hair days are rare, and will only last a couple of hours. And yes the sun sometimes make me sneeze...and when i sneeze i can't stop, sometimes i will sneeze 20 or more times...

A D300? you lucky girl, i would settle for a D90 ( i'm a little afraid of the 300 actually... i'm not sure i would know how to work it)

julochka said...

GEC = global economic crisis (i got tired of typing it out all the time).

Barb said...

K, First never have long hair days, my longest hair is probably 3" and that's pushing the ticket for me.

Second, love your glasses, just got new ones myself ~ splurged on Dolce & Gabanna ~ I'll have to post a picture of them. They're gorgeous with all the bling on the sides.

And finally, why don't you try to make some merfish yourself ~ looks like a pretty simple pattern. Barb

Bee said...

I can't imagine that anyone would begrudge you an exciting new job or a good (is that the same as long?) hair day or a fun new camera. Anyway, we all get to share in the benefits of the latter . . . (loved all of the pics in the last couple of posts).

Zaz said...

i had been wanting to get all that hair fuss out of my life and had all the dyed parts chopped off, so i am now with a boyish very short cut and my white sprinkled hairs are showing (roots).
believe it or not, it makes me look more feminine and my features finer.
got here from that rock blog :-)