Saturday, March 28, 2009


seen over the past week:

crisis? what crisis?
(window of a shoe shop)
you have to love a shop called 1000 chairs (molly, i mean  you)
and i'm especially intrigued by the little murakami-esque horns on the shelf in the back
lamps are colorful at the moment
i think people want to bring something cheery into their homes
in the face of all the gloom & doom
this was the le klint shop
this colorful chandelier was in jackpot clothing.
love the mix of old and new.
there's a definite retro thing going on
check out those hairdryers.
this from the window of illum, the posh dept. store
also from the window of illum
what strikes me is that it's all new
but it looks really vintage
esprit is keeping it traditional
and more horns and furry skins at pilgrim
in the copenhagen airport
LOVE the empty black frames against the black wall.

what trends have you spotted of late?


Dave King said...

Can't say I'm a trend spotter by nature, but almost you persuade me to become one. Great post.

Polly said...

I love these picutres, they make me want to go visit Copenhagen today. I've been working too much lately and forgot to notice trends and other things... I need to get out more. x

Char said...

I live in the land of malls. I miss beautiful windows. what great finds you have here

Meri said...

I suspect the trends toward vintage and retro satisfies the longing for the "good old days" of economic zest. Too bad the prices aren't those of the good old days. And the trend toward colorful is predictable -- the bright, cheery colors help lift the collective mood. But are we buying or just looking?

Laura Doyle said...

I seem to limit my social engagements and venturing to people and places that that don't feel negative. I suppose I'm somewhat of a hermit-like cavewoman these days. Or maybe just a homesteader. The only trends I come across are cyber trends or the recurring themes in blogs and books. But I suppose local and organic seem to be becoming trendy. I can only hope it becomes mainstream. I know...not what you were talking about...but it's what I've got. : )

Maggie May said...

I've noticed a lot of ink and pen drawings with color in art, a lot of birds, silhouettes and high high heels

paris parfait said...

Very diverse group of vitrines! Lots of yellow in Paris this spring, but teamed with black or neutrals, high heels and elegant handbags. Of course the French still dress in a very low-key way. London is the place for the up-to-the-minute-trends on the high street - alas, women from 18 to 78 seem to try to wear the exact same clothes/trends there, whether it suits them or not! I was horrified to see one woman, probably 40 (although she looked much, much older) with a daughter, probably 9, who was already obsessing over trends and wearing makeup! Sigh.

Just Jules said...

Oh the 80's - they are coming back. Clothes, hair etc...
I suppose like every generation before me I am thinking Why? Why would you want to see THAT again? Not even Demi Moore made it look good - then!

Just Jules said...

Also, it is so funny how my style is varied, because I would wear anything out of eithere the esprit or illum windows - love them both!

julochka said...

i was just window shopping, not buying, by the way. :-)