Thursday, March 05, 2009

scenes from a day

what follows are scenes from my day. i got up at 5:45 a.m. and headed for oslo. see if you can tell when i started using the new nikon D300 that came with my new job. i'll admit, it's pretty good work if you can get it...

shots on the metro
love the double-exposure feel caused by lights in the tunnel and the reflection
you KNOW i had to go there
venti latte
i want!
glossy magazines
norli bookstore

i leave you with the shocking fact that 530 container vessels are laid up around the world. that means taken out of use and "parked" in a fjord or bay or anchorage somewhere. that's a serious lotta vessels and even more containers!  this GEC is scary stuff.

more tomorrow evening when i get home.

ASIDE:  to be honest, i'm not sure you can tell from these particular pictures when i switched cameras...but the location should give it away. i was sneaking a lot of the D300 pix, so i wasn't always looking through the viewfinder or holding still. the proof will show eventually tho'. and the camera feels AMAZING in my hands.


Maggie May said...

a new camera! awesome. great coloful shots. i'm drinking coffee right now. wake. up. maggie.

tangobaby said...

You're like a triple threat: now I have a case of wanderlust, complicated by a serious blast of shoe lust (WTF were those shoes!?!) and topped with a new bout of camera envy.

But I have to say that first pic of the tunnel was way cool and of course I had to laugh at the Starbuck pic. You're my girl.


tangobaby said...

ps. my verification word was dings. Does that mean anything?

heidikins said...

Gasp! Those shoes are fabulous!


julochka said...

there is a problem with the shoes--they cost 4200NOK, which is about $560. i can totally see paying that for boots, but shoes? hmm...

tangobaby said...

OF COURSE they are worth it! Boots?! Nah!

Just Jules said...

New job + new camera + starbucks in sight (since you don't have them on every corner) = perfect reason for a latte treat.

Love that you are so excited.

P.S. I want that dress (and leggings?) Seriously - I would look so good ;)

Tara Thayer said...

These photos are amazing. I love the one of the two "women" looking over the railing, and the empty seats. So, so nice. I've said it before, but I believe you are a woman of many talents!
Love the dress, could break my neck with the shoes!

Dutchbaby said...

I love the sculpture hanging over the railing and I'll elbow you out of the way to get to those shoes first. But who am I kidding? I couldn't wear those shoes for more than three minutes.

The Clever Pup said...

How ABSOLUTELY GHASTLY that Starbucks is in Norway.

I want the world to get bigger again. Vive la difference!

Char said...

I miss traveling and airports - I loved that about my old job. Gorgeous and fun shots - airports are always fun to explore if you have enough time.

julochka said...

clever pup--i was still in copenhagen when i photographed the starbucks. norway is still safe.

and frankly, it's not ghastly at all. it's heaven.

Dave King said...

Some fine images here. Is the double exposure a double exposure or is it photoshopped?
A great blog to which I shall return.