Friday, March 20, 2009

no place like home

waiting for me when i got home yesterday were my beautiful wobblies from atelierBB. i was ordering a wedding present for my sister-in-law and couldn't resist a little something for us as well. i ordered these sweet little orange, yellow and red dessert plates.

and the green was a little surprise that brigitte included. how awesome is that? thank you brigitte!! and if you haven't yet checked out her work, do it here.

also waiting for me were the latest additions to my fast-growing collection of resurrection fern crocheted stones and merfish. the teal merfish was so lovely "swimming" in its packaging that i hated to take it out:

but take it out i did and it posed for several pictures with its old friends:

and how exquisite is the "missing pieces" covered stone? it's even prettier in person than i had imagined.

i you haven't visited margie's blog to see what she's working on next, you really must. it's a most inspiring place.  here's my entire collection of her beautiful stones:

and just now, the mailman brought me this beautiful little felted bowl that i ordered from artemis artemis in new zealand (on etsy of course). it's my very favorite colors and the perfect size to keep my rings in (even the big one):

also waiting for me was a wonderful REAL letter from my aunt mary. she wrote four pages, sending birthday greetings and telling me how she's getting along after my uncle jim died last fall. she's surrounded by her children, grandchildren and soon to be 18 great-grandchildren, all of whom live in south dakota except one of the grandchildren and his two(?) kids, so although it's hard to lose her best friend of nearly 70 years, she's getting along well. she sent along a really neat picture from 1946 of my dad and his brothers and the first of many nieces that they eventually had (i have 29 cousins!). that's dad on the left (he was the youngest of 9):

i love so much about this picture. the car behind them. the fact that they're all dressed up. that the baby is crying and clearly wanting to be handed back to her mama. such a lovely thing to get in the mail.

and speaking of  mailboxes, i'd better go work on those 50-follower prezzies i've promised and do a bit of work work since i'm now gainfully employed. happy weekend everyone.


Unknown said...

What beautiful surprises! I love those colourful plates. Must remember that I promised not to buy anything for 3 months!

Molly said...

Yay, I'm SO glad you also got lovely packages in the mail yesterday ...!
Isn't it the best?
I'm hatching plans for that lovely fabric ...

Gwen said...

those plates are sure to make everything taste delicious!

Just Jules said...

Those plates are amazing! Won't let myself go to the site, can't buy anything right now.... I would get myself in trouble I can tell already!

The new merstone made me giggle!
Happy weekend

Barb said...

Oooooooh, the colours are so lovely. Didn't know it was your birthday ~ so a belated VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY JULIE! Love Barb xo

julochka said...

B-if you promised not to buy anything, definitely do NOT click the link.

Molly--can't wait to see what you make. :-)

Gwen--whatever i serve on them will be tiny, because they're smaller than they appear. but that's actually a good thing.

Jules--the merfish made me giggle as well. i just adore them.

Barb--the birthday's not 'til sunday! :-)

Tess Kincaid said...

The little felt bowl is to die for! I want one!!

Love your new self portraits!

Magpie said...

I totally love those plates.

And the rocks? I bought a photo of a mess of the crocheted rocks. It hasn't come yet, though.

Bee said...

I really do love those plates -- they are the same colors as Starburst candies.

How nice to receive a letter in the mail!

Sandra said...

Great photo. I really treasure the old family photos that are still in my mother's possession.

Char said...

love those plates - so very sweet. now you have extra reasons to bake.

paris parfait said...

Such lovely things in the mail - love those little felted bowls (my fave colours too) and the dessert plates. And a REAL letter! Isn't that a wonderful gift??!!

Paula & Skip said...

Wow fell in love with these stones, delightful merfish. Great idea.

Pia K said...

Did I need more favourites on Etsy? No. Do I love them? Yes. I've been searching for lovely red plates for ages and I just think I found them! They are all gorgeously quirky and personal. And what an unbelievably lovely idea, the merfishes! And those cute bowls... I think I just ran out of exclamtion marks:)

Anonymous said...

No, no, cousin! Gladys was the youngest of ten! Your dad was the second youngest!

Allen, Jim, Ruth, Doris, Glen, my dad, Pud, Irma, Ralph and Gladys.

julochka said...

true, gizzy, i should have said youngest of nine surviving siblings...i do know of gladys.